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Switching Secrets for Multimedia

Switching Secrets for Multimedia

TechWiseTV episode 40 (66:53 min)
Learn how to use the technologies and tools you already have to support rich communication and full-service video.

Technology Focus: Routing and Switching

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Optimizing network switch performance for video is becoming vital as video conferencing and communication go mainstream. Discover how to make the most of the switching technologies you already have to achieve peak performance. Learn how to build out a real-time network to support video. Join TechWiseTV and discover how to maximize your existing switching investments.


  • Generic Online Diagnostics (GOLD), NetFlow, and other built-in tools
  • What makes a switch truly "stackable"
  • Programmable Intelligent Services Accelerator (PISA)
  • Cisco Virtual Switching System (VSS)


ANNOUNCER: Welcome to TechWiseTV on the Cisco Interaction Network. Please remember to submit your technical questions in the field provided at the bottom of the viewing console. You can also e-mail questions, comments and suggestions to Thank you for joining us and enjoy the show.

VALERIE ST JOHN: Network technology has reshaped the entire world and not just made it flatter.

ROBB BOYD: We have the industrial age, the renaissance. This is the information age, it's changed the way we do business.

VALERIE ST JOHN: We're adding new dimensions to the globe today as we discover switching secrets for multimedia.

ROBB BOYD: A switch is not just a switch.

VALERIE ST JOHN: We'll explore Cisco's stack-wise technology and break down the most dangerous mistakes commonly made in so-called stackable switches.

JIMMY RAY PURSER: A stackable has to mask itself to be a chassis. This switch has to act as a Supervisor card and the other cards have to be like linecards.

VALERIE ST JOHN: We'll look at security from the inside out and illustrate three security technologies you may be overlooking.

CARL SOLDER: The whole idea behind Control Plane Policing is to apply a rate limiter to basically limit the amount of traffic that goes to that control plane.

VALERIE ST JOHN: We'll take apart the Cisco Catalyst 6500 series virtual switching system and look at the five biggest advantages of VSS in your network.

CARL SOLDER: Just administrative and management overhead, consolidated configuration, Multi-Chassis EtherChannel port, MEC, nonstop forwarding, stateful switchover.

VALERIE ST JOHN: Video has become the killer app. We'll show you how to build out your network to support high-end full-service video.

ROBB BOYD: When you're ready to deploy video we build this network. But the reality is, video's happening on your network already and it's coming in at all these different places.

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