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Learn how Cisco Service Oriented Network Architecture (SONA) supports your network, and helps create a platform for the delivery of enriched applications.
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Technology Architecture Designed for the Enterprise

Learn from Cisco executives how technology architecture can help you achieve greater business agility in the enterprise environment.

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Enabling Innovative Applications

A cohesive architecture is the best foundation for tying technology to your business.

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Your Network and Next-Gen Applications

Learn how network-based services and process changes can transform business.

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Enriching Applications with Network Services

Learn more about the emerging world of composite applications and how the network as a platform enables and enhances these applications.

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Transforming Business with Service-Oriented Infrastructure

Peter Linkin, product marketing manager for Cisco Data Center Solutions, shows how a service-oriented infrastructure is critical for companies deploying more service-oriented architectures and composite applications.

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Using Network Services to Deploy Business Applications

Cisco Distinguished IT Engineer Greg Giles talks about how an enterprise architecture approach using network-based services, as well as cultural and process changes within IT organizations, can transform business.

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Accelerating Application Deployment with Cisco SONA

John Gaudin, product manager for Cisco Service-Oriented Network Architecture, discusses the network's fundamental role in helping to enable Web 2.0 and composite applications through critical reusable services.

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Enable Innovative Applications

Learn how a cohesive architecture is the best foundation for innovative applications that tie technology to your business.

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Your Primary IT Asset: The Network

Drive business value by delivering service-oriented architecture, business-to-buisness, and Web 2.0 applications.

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The Evolution of IT at Cisco

CIO Rebecca Jacoby discusses how IT can fuel growth and innovation using three strategic levers.

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Enriching the Human Network

Bring more flexibility and opportunity to your enterprise through Service-Oriented Network Applications.

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SONA Podcast Videos

Architecture and Solutions Podcast: Video in the Campus Network

Hear from a Cisco network architect about the services required to support the impact of video in the Campus Local Area Network.

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Cisco Medical-Grade Networks

Learn how Cisco Medical-Grade Network (MGN) addresses the business challenges and needs of healthcare organizations by using the network as a platform for medical applications to built upon.

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Cisco Ethernet to the Factory

Learn how introducing simple network connections to the factory floor that work with sensors and control systems from Rockwell Automation can yield dramatic results for the business.

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Network Support for Medical Imaging

Learn how radiology and imaging rely on the network to provide security, functionality, and mobility for this aspect of the healthcare industry.

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Cisco Mobility: Motion

Learn about how Cisco next-generation mobility solutions build upon a foundation of interfaces and services to create a platform for applications and business tools.

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Lean Retail Architecture

Learn how retail CIOs can lower operational and capital expenses, and help IT gain greater efficiency and improved agility by using a Lean Retail Architecture.

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Chief Information Officer Sales Collaboration Tools

Learn how chief information officers (CIOs) can implement a network platform for executing business strategy and delivering initiatives that can have an impact on profitability.

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Enterprise Branch Architecture 4.0

Listen to a discussion about a new remote office business model in which applications work with the network rather than just travel on it.

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Achieving True Collaboration

Learn how WebEx is closing the gap between simple meetings and true collaboration to change the way it conducts business.

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Evolution of Entertainment

Discover how technology is changing the way people interact at sporting events and other forms of entertainment.

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Cisco Financial Services

Explore the benefits of deploying full solutions in financial services institutions.

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Mobility Beyond Laptop Access

Hear about the impact of new mobility solutions on applications, business processes, and organizations.

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Solving Business Problems

Explore how services can help enable traditional solutions to generate new business benefits.

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