Application Networking - Optimizing Oracle E-Business Suite 11i across the WAN

Add Intelligent Services to Your Data Center

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As enterprises rely more on their data centers, they expect their underlying network to support more business applications. For many enterprises, the traditional perception of the network has been one of data transport, providing a reliable framework for the organization. As enterprise demands increase, this fundamental responsibility of the network infrastructure should be enhanced rather than neglected.

Now, in addition to data transport, the all-encompassing nature of the enterprise network requires intelligent services to support business applications. This evolution of the network as an enterprise service platform is natural and supports the key application objectives of Oracle and other enterprise software developers, including:

  • High availability
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Optimization
  • Manageability

After enterprises integrate the Oracle E-Business Suite 11i in the data center, they can optimize its performance across the WAN by following best practices for network design and testing. To optimize this Oracle application environment, Cisco uses some of the following critical technologies.


Virtualization is rewriting the rules for data centers today by allowing enterprises to optimize the use of physical resources and provide logical isolation of data.

System administrators can assign a single virtual device to a business unit or application to achieve performance goals or comply with service-level agreements. This flexibility allows the administrators to deploy network-based services according to:

  • Individual business requirements of the customer
  • Technical requirements of the application

Enterprises can use less hardware to accommodate more data, reducing both server and energy costs. In addition, virtualization intelligent services fit in with those of the Cisco network

Load Distribution

Using a variety of technologies, Cisco accommodates users by distributing performance across multiple servers, which results in better utilization of limited RAM resources and improved load distribution across all servers.