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Cisco Compliance Solution for PCI DSS 2.0 Design Guide

May 1, 2012

The Cisco PCI solution was developed to help organizations simplify and maintain PCI compliance. The solution consists of strategic guidance and tactical implementation. Cisco's enterprise-wide architecture experience is well suited to the requirements of PCI.

The Architectural Design section of the Guide discusses what merchants should consider when addressing PCI. It examines enterprise architecture, discusses the related controls within them, and separates architectures into their components.

The solution is designed to conform to PCI DSS 2.0. It has been validated in Cisco labs and assessed for compliance by a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) audit partner, Verizon Business. This enterprise architecture contains Cisco and partner products that holistically address customer business problems related to compliance and security.

The Cisco PCI solution is part of Cisco's SecureX strategy. SecureX enables you to establish and enforce security policies across the distributed network, not just at a single point. By using global and local security intelligence for dynamic threat protection, SecureX responds to the evolving security needs of today's borderless network environments.

The Design and Implementation Guide provides step-by-step configurations and implementation guidance for PCI 2.0.
The Design Guide Summary provides simplified recommendations for PCI 2.0.

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Christian Christian Janoff
Industry Solutions Architect
Bart Bart McGlothin
Industry Solutions Architect

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Compliance Solution for PCI

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