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Shift to a New Business Model

Fuse intelligent programmable networks with virtual cloud-based services. (PDF – 380 KB)

Shift to a New Business Model

"Converged, programmable, and virtualized" describes the Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) architecture. Cisco's EPN Release 4.0 combines industry leading platforms and service enablement and massively scalable bandwidth capabilities to evolve to the next generation flexible and programmable service delivery platform, shortening delivery time for new services, decreasing Capex to allow for network growth, and lowering the Opex of service activation for Service Providers. The EPN helps enable new possibilities for Service Providers to create new revenue models, simplify operations, and deliver new experiences through the deployment of virtualized cloud-based services.

New Certifications

EPN is Iometrix Certified Now

EPN release 4.0 has completed the MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Services Certification conducted by Iometrix. This reduces service costs, charges, and establishes solid foundation for Carrier Ethernet interoperability for Service Providers deploying our solution.

Key Programmability highlights

  • Simplified management and Opex savings with the integration of the new ME1200 Network Interface Device (NID). Zero Touch provisioning is achieved with remote management from upstream ME-3600 to simplify deployments
  • Better Backhaul Reliability for Microwave is achieved with Microwave Adaptive Code Modulation (ACM) that has been extended to cover topology management via G.8032, where microwave signal erosion can trigger path selection in native Ethernet access
  • Enhanced autonomic networking features combined with auto-IP address allocation simplify device deployment operations.

Key Network Function Virtualization highlights

  • Cost effective migration of legacy PPPoE subscribers from physical devices to a cloud-based model

Key Converged Transport highlights

  • Simplified operations and superior transport reliability via improved redundancy and scale with the integration of ASR 920 and ASR 903 RSP2 into the unified MPLS Transport
  • Better satellite fabric link utilization with Network Virtualization(nV) multicast offload where replication of egress multicast traffic is offloaded from the nV host to the satellite
  • Cost optimized Unified MPLS Transport where Inter-domain Unified MPLS Transport traffic follows cost optimized path increasing efficiency and improving the user experience of the network with BGP accumulated IGP (AIGP)
  • Improved user experience with Subscriber Redundancy Groups (SRG) which adds stateful box-to-box redundancy models for subscribers in residential and mobile services. Availability with low service disruption for critical services helps achieve increased customer satisfaction

These innovations build on previous releases of the system, which has always validated converged residential, business and mobile services, all delivered on a single converged architecture.

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