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Service Providers Accelerate Information Sharing During Natural Disasters

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By the Numbers

700 natural disasters, including earthquakes, floods, storms, and more, were registered worldwide from 2010 to 2012. 1
450 million people were affected by natural disasters from 2010 to 2012. 2
260 institutions and news organizations globally were connected to HEWS, a global, multihazard watch service to support humanitarian preparedness. 3
Hundreds of millions of people 2 around the world are affected by severe weather and natural disasters every year. Although preventing a natural disaster is impossible, preparing and helping those affected is not. By enabling access to the mobile Internet, service providers are connecting more people via SMS and social networking to resources and disaster warning information than ever before, reducing recovery response time and saving lives.
When service providers bring the mobile Internet and Internet platforms to the world, organizations such as the Humanitarian Early Warning Service (HEWS) can help prepare communities for disaster. Two hundred and sixty institutions and news organizations have linked the platform - - to their websites, including the Washington Post, CBS News, and several United Nations agencies. 3 HEWS promotes better and faster humanitarian analysis, warning, and response by putting a wealth of specialized data in one central location, using a single homepage map to display early warning information about multiple hazards. Through these connections, individuals around the world can be proactively informed and better prepared for natural disasters in their respective communities. This increases the likelihood of lives being saved and livelihoods preserved.
Service providers play a key role in connecting people to the information they need most. In this case, getting advanced warning of a natural disaster can save lives. As more people, data, and things are connected to the Internet of Everything (IoE), information can be turned into action. The IoE is providing more connections to current and relevant information that can lead to better emergency preparedness and response operations across the globe.
1 Natural Disasters: Mitigating Impact, Managing Risks, Nicole Laframboise and Boileau Loko, IMF