Collaboration Use Case - Support Teleworkers and Branch Offices

Support Teleworkers and Branch Offices

Collaboration Use Case - Support Teleworkers and Branch Offices

Make it easier for employees to work from multiple locations by creating highly secure virtual workspaces. Use a range of endpoints, including satellite offices, home offices, or travel locations.

Cisco Collaboration technology offers built-in support for high-quality video, voice, and data access. Your employees get highly secure access to all the resources, applications, and files they would have in the main office.

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  • Integrate cross-functional responsibilities to simplify collaboration, no matter where people are.
  • Locate employees where they are most needed to support customers.
  • Reduce employee travel, real-estate costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Remove geographic restrictions in hiring.
  • Create flexible workspaces for employees who are not regularly in the office.
  • Help maintain communications security.

Proof Points

  • 95 percent of employers say telework has a high impact on employee retention. (Global Workplace Analytics, 2013)
  • 65 percent of companies say telecommuters are more productive when they have the flexibility to work where they have the most focus and/or control over the work environment. (Source: Ipsos, 2012) 
  • 44 percent of Cisco knowledge workers telecommute at least once a week. (Source: Cisco IBSG, 2012)
  • One employee teleworking half-time can save a company about $10,000 per year and can save the employee up to $6800 per year. (Source: Telework Research Network)

To strengthen its innovation culture, Virgin Media launched a flexible working initiative. The idea was to provide easy-to-use collaboration tools that would enable employees to work from any office or from home, supporting the growing number of devices and increasing the value of the company’s people, property and technology.

"Now nobody ever needs to say to a client, 'I can give you an answer when I get back to the office.' " –Mike Fitzgerald, Eagle Investment Systems

Based on a project's requirements, Persistent Systems assembles a team of experts who might be from any of the organization's nine development centers on three continents. (PDF - 184 KB)

Cisco IBSG Horizons BYOD and Virtualization Study

Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) surveyed 600 enterprise IT leaders for insight on BYOD and desktop virtualization trends in U.S. enterprises:

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  • Teleworking and Mobility Advisor Tool

    Create a customized estimate of potential cost savings and improvements in productivity, business continuity, and green initiatives.

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