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Productive, Effective Teleworking

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Productive, Effective Teleworking

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Cisco Smart Desk collaboration endpoints bring the benefits of immediate face-to-face communication to the desk, executive office, or home office.

Cisco Smart Desk endpoints bring the benefits of immediate face-to-face communication to the desk, executive office, or home office. With dedicated desktop appliances, there's a solution for every personal workspace.

Smart Desk collaboration endpoints help you:

  • Easily integrate video with your workplace tools
  • Quickly access contact lists
  • Always be in visual contact with colleagues, customers, and suppliers

With this level of accessibility, video is as easy as voice.

By extending high-definition video to the desktop level, you can personalize the experience for end users. Employees stay connected and enjoy the power of visual communications regardless of their location. Employees can access group video meetings right from their desks.

A cohesive company culture can be hard to maintain when employees are spread around the world. With video, employees can see remote colleagues, often for the first time. People become more than just a voice on the phone or an email signature. This face-to-face interaction helps employees avoid miscommunication and feel more included in decision making.

With smart desktop endpoints, visual collaboration becomes a normal part of the everyday workflow and can benefit an organization in many ways.

At a Glance

More and more, companies are choosing to combine room-based and desktop systems from the start. As long as the products that you choose are standards based, everyone from desktop users to room-based groups can be part of the same conversation.

For almost every individual and team, Cisco can offer the right video solution, including:

  • Immersive dedicated rooms
  • Flexible multipurpose rooms
  • Personal and executive desktop systems
  • Mobile solutions for people on the go

This broad portfolio is flexible and can meet the needs of the largest enterprises. These systems also help small and midsize businesses that want to expand their video collaboration implementations adoption or are exploring how to get started.

Transform Business Processes with Video

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