Collaboration Use Case - Monitor Social Media

Monitor Social Media

Monitor Social Media

Monitor social media channels for customer and public feedback and sentiment. Provide real-time proactive response through the channels that customers choose, capture customer attention, and generate greater loyalty and brand preference.

Cisco SocialMiner provides customer care teams with social media monitoring, queuing, and workflows. This facilitates:

  • Personalized real-time responses
  • Metrics tracking
  • Relationship-building opportunities

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  • Improve responsiveness by providing proactive, real-time customer service.
  • Use community knowledge to increase service and marketing reach.
  • Meet customer expectations.
  • Monitor public mention of your products, services, or expertise.
  • Engage target audiences to provide more brand and product information.

Proof Points

  • 58 percent of organizations are currently using social media platforms to serve customers. (Aberdeen)
  • Companies that identify and target key social media influencers are 58 percent more likely to increase positive mentions of their brands and products. (Aberdeen)
  • Of best-in-class sales organizations, 73 percent use social media to expand lead-generation activity. (Aberdeen)
  • 85 percent of consumers are very happy when businesses respond to their public comments in online forums and social media venues. (Maritz)
  • 72 percent of adults online in the United States expect companies to reply to a negative comment on a ratings or review site. (Forrester)

"We listen to people and we help them. We have the ability to change individual interactions and create better experiences." - Kenny Lauer, George P. Johnson

"In the few months that we have been using the SocialMiner tool, results from our campaigns on both Facebook and Twitter have been quite remarkable. As an example, revenue from clients coming to us through Facebook has increased 400 percent." - Petter Etholm, Zone Labs


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