Collaboration Use Case - Incorporate Video into Meetings

Incorporate Video into Meetings

Collaboration Use Case - Incorporate Video into Meetings

Improve communications, relationships, and productivity by helping people meet face-to-face over distances to:

  • Share content
  • Consult with experts
  • Deliver personalized services

Cisco provides one of the industry's broadest portfolios of purpose-built, high-quality video solutions, from the desktop to the conference room and beyond to third-party systems. WebEx and TelePresence are optimized to work with any standards-based video endpoints, helping to extend your reach and simplify the user experience for all participants.


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  • Provide customers with a broader range of services, faster response times and better results.
  • Communicate with video, one of the most natural ways possible next to an in-person meeting.
  • Experience greater connection with remote team members through regularly scheduled and ad hoc Telepresence meetings.
  • Accelerate time-to-market with more face-to-face brainstorming in R&D.
  • Enhance communication and help build trust between people in ways that document-based tools cannot.

Proof Points

  • Among business leaders, 53 percent strongly agree that video promotes more productive relationships with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. (Source: Economist Intelligence Unit)
  • Companies that are considered leading users of video report 120 percent quantitative ROI for video implementations. (Source: Aberdeen Group)
  • Among decision makers, 45 percent strongly agree that video saves time; 35 percent agree video saves money. (Source: Economist Intelligence Unit)

"We've reduced the number of emergency patient transfers from our partner hospital in Montana by 60 percent by using Cisco TelePresence for physician collaboration. This significantly lowers transportation costs, improves patient outcomes, and saves parents the anguish of a 12-hour drive to reach a specialist." Andrew Blackmon Children's Hospital Colorado

"Decisions can take a long time when you rely on email and phone conversations because you can't see whether someone who usually speaks another language understands you, and you can't share designs." Jimmy Yan, Vistaprint

"Video allows my team to work together wherever they may be." Simon Daykin, CTO, Logicalis

"Video shows the other person's facial expressions and emotions, improving the level of understanding and helping people feel more strongly connected." Leon Benjamin Virgin Media

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