Collaboration Use Case - Collaborate with External Organizations

Collaborate with External Organizations

Collaborate with External Organizations

Improve relationships with partners and customers by providing the ability to:

  • Easily share information
  • Interact in real time
  • Communicate across multiple channels, beyond traditional email and telephone contact

Cisco WebEx solutions offer cloud-based and on-premises collaboration and conferencing, and help eliminate organizational and geographic boundaries. This technology promotes scalable and highly secure voice, video, and file sharing, without the need for a VPN or the limitations of point-to-point links.

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  • Optimize collaboration with external stakeholders by sharing agendas, files, meeting notes, and recordings--before, during, and after meetings.
  • Partner with external organizations to expand rapidly into new geographic markets.
  • Help enable interactive, visual collaboration from anywhere and on any device.
  • Build trust and understanding across time zones within cross-functional and diverse teams through frequent video communications.

Proof Points

  • 65 percent of employees must manage stakeholders outside their company. (Source: Corporate Executive Board)
  • 84 percent of leaders at organizations with cloud-collaboration strategies agree cloud collaboration helps to enable greater collaboration with suppliers/partners. (Forbes Insight, 2012)
  • 53 percent of CEOs of high-performing organizations work exclusively for collaborative innovation. (Source: IBM)
  • 31 percent to 33 percent of organizations are developing mobility strategies and policies for communications with partners and suppliers. (Source: Forrester)
  • 40 percent of companies believe that they use social media effectively to strengthen relationships with partners and suppliers. (Source: 2012 FedEx Ketchum Social Business Study)

"We wanted our employees and partners to be able to connect at any time and in any location, so they could resolve issues quickly and serve our customers faster." Luca Paleari, CTO, Emmelibri

"We can work together around common plans and information, and that really deepens the relationship and makes it more effective." -- Gerry Pennell, CIO, London 2012 Organising Committee

"We solve cases together from one place, using exactly the same data through common visualization." Petr Faster, Moravia-Silesia Regional Government

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