Collaboration Use Case - Extend Telephony with Video

Extend Telephony with Video

Collaboration Use Case - Extend Telephony with Video

Accelerate decision making by helping to enable face-to-face video communications directly from your desk phone or softphone application.

Cisco designs its industry-leading video telephony endpoints to work with your existing phone system. They help make visual communications a simple, intuitive extension of conventional telephone use.


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  • Make it easier for busy executives to meet “face-to-face” without leaving their offices.
  • Elevate and personalize communications to improve the quality and speed of decisions.
  • Improve communication and build trust in ways traditional document-centric tools cannot.
  • Be proactive in anticipating market needs through the immediacy of video, rather than reactive to competitors.

Proof Points

  • 53 percent of business leaders strongly agree that video promotes more productive relationships with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. (Source: Economist Intelligence Unit)
  • Companies considered best-in-class video users report 120 percent quantitative ROI for video implementations. (Source: Aberdeen Group)
  • In 88 percent of best-in-class companies, video is used for strategic or revenue-based purposes. (Source: Aberdeen Group)
  • Collaboration implementations with video improve ROI by up to five times. (Source: Salire)

"I have chatted with an employee on assignment in Hong Kong, and then just clicked to escalate to a WebEx session with high-quality video and web sharing." —Andreas Kusch, CEO, avodaqAG

The developer can very quickly escalate from a voice call or IM session to a WebEx session combining voice, video, and desktop sharing. "Before we had Cisco Jabber, we didn't do this because it would have required setting up three separate meetings." —James Baker, Eagle Investment Systems

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