Help Enable Mobile Workers and BYOD

Help Enable Mobile Workers and BYOD

Support Mobile Workers and BYOD Access

Increase staff productivity and customer responsiveness. Give employees the flexibility to use personal or company-issued mobile devices as a highly secure extension of your enterprise network and applications.

Cisco provides native support for all leading smartphones, tablets, and laptops in a highly secure, policy-controlled manner. Your users get a consistent, productive user experience anywhere, anytime.

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  • Provide employees with a seamless experience across devices and applications.
  • Increase employee engagement and productivity by creating more opportunities to collaborate.
  • Improve customer responsiveness with quicker access to experts and information.
  • Help maintain communications security through policy control around corporate applications and information.
  • Lower IT and capital costs by offering employees access with their own devices.

Proof Points

  • Nearly two-thirds of employees use personal devices for work purposes. (Corporate Executive Board)
  • More than 80 percent of working adults in the United States work seven extra hours per week outside the office. (Good Technology)
  • Eighty-nine percent of leaders at organizations with cloud-collaboration strategies agree cloud technology helps to enable mobile workforce productivity. (Forbes Insight, 2012)
  • Organizations can save 25 percent annually per user with employee-owned devices versus company-owned.
  • Among organizations that implement BYOD strategies, 76 percent report increased employee responsiveness and decision making. (Forrester)

"One business goal was increasing employee engagement and improving work life balance. Another was reducing the time employees spent travelling, particularly for internal meetings, to free up more time for work as well as personal life." —Leon Benjamin, Virgin Media

"Now nobody ever needs to say to a client, 'I can give you an answer when I get back to the office.' " —Mike Fitzgerald, Eagle Investment Systems

"Allowing employees from different departments to work together side-by-side, on their own devices, anywhere on campus, is a big step forward in promoting greater productivity and better delivery of government services." —Eric Bish, City of Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Cisco IBSG Horizons Research

Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) conducts multimodal research and analysis to identify business transformation opportunities fueled by technology innovation.

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Financial Impact of BYOD

Cisco BYOD Smart Solution

See a comprehensive approach to effectively designing, managing, and controlling access to a BYOD network.

  • Financial Impact of BYOD: A Model (3:02 min)
    Spark productivity and save costs by connecting employee devices to corporate network. For most, the current value is dwarfed by the potential gains from implementing BYOD more strategically.
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  • Spotlight: Cisco Prime Collaboration (6:13 min)
    Manage and control across your entire Cisco communications infrastructure. Simplify the entire lifecycle and address service quality issues before they affect end users.
  • WebEx Meetings: Changing the Way Teams Meet Online (Flash)
    Improve team productivity with online meetings from Cisco WebEx.
  • Cisco Business Edition 6000: Fundamentals (3:34 min)
    Superior performance, system redundancy, and broad application integration for 100 to 1000 employees.
  • Cisco Jabber Features
    Learn more about Jabber's voice, video, presence, instant messaging, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing capabilities in these videos.

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