A Global Video Community with Open Standards

Interoperability Brings Us Together

Imagine carrying around multiple laptops to connect to various wireless hotspots or switching cell phones, depending on who you wanted to call. That is what the world would be like without interoperability, industry standards, and vendors who put them into place to ensure that technologies work together.

For Cisco, interoperability means simple integration across any platform and any video-enabled device to help ensure an easy, consistent, and enjoyable user experience. Cisco believes this will accelerate innovation, create economic value, and increase choice for customers.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same view. Instead of embracing the concept of an open, global video community, some vendors are locking down their proprietary solutions.

Cisco believes in technology that brings us together regardless of preferred vendor and device so connections are easy to make, communities are easy to build, and innovation can thrive. If you agree, click on the link below to vote “yes” for interoperability and open standards for video and help create a better visually-connected world.

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