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Cisco Webex Security

Security built from the ground up

Cisco Webex gives you end-to-end encryption, as well as compliance visibility and control. Inside your own organization, or even when collaborating across company lines, you get a hardened collaboration platform that helps keep your data secure. 

Extended security options to help protect your users

Pro Pack

The Pro Pack for Cisco Webex Control Hub provides unlimited data for e-discovery search and extraction and the ability to create flexible retention policies for data.

Extended Security Pack

The Cisco Webex Control Hub Extended Security Pack includes the Cisco Cloudlock cloud access security broker (CASB) and powered by Cisco Talos ClamAV anti-malware to help guard against malicious threats.

New data residency options for Webex Teams

Webex Teams now gives you more choice on where your stored data resides. Find out how Cisco enables secure cross-company, cross-border collaboration while keeping your PII, message, files, and whiteboards data in your region of choice.

360-degree approach to security and compliance

With Cisco Webex, security is foundational to the collaboration experience, whether you are an information security professional, a compliance officer, or an end user. When sensitive data is on the line, companies trust Cisco.

Built-in security and compliance

True end-to-end encryption

All information is encrypted while in use and before it leaves your device, not just in transit and at rest.

Fast, simple, highly secure search

When users search, matches are retrieved and sent to the user's device before they are decrypted.

User identity and access

Only authenticated users can view messages and files in Webex Teams spaces.

Device and browser protection

Customize security controls, including idle timeout, device PIN enforcement, and remote wipe of Webex Teams content.

Flexible retention and archiving

Store content indefinitely, until a user deletes it, or per your policy. Use the API to poll for events to archive application content.


Administrators can search and extract any content, including such data as time stamps, space IDs, and participant IDs.

Pro Pack

The Pro Pack for Webex Control Hub provides unlimited data for e-discovery search and extraction and the ability to create your own flexible retention policies for data.

Extended Security Pack

With the Webex Teams Extended Security Pack, you can protect your Webex Teams workspace from data loss or malware, even when collaborating with users from outside of your organization.

Built-in Cloud Access Security Broker

Cisco Cloudlock provides visibility and control over sensitive data in Webex Teams. This allows you to meet compliance and data protection mandates.


Scan for Trojan attacks, viruses, malware, and other malicious threats, and then remediate them immediately, even when they are uploaded by external users.

Between a life-threatening disease and living a normal life

See how Be The Match, in partnership with ePlus, harnesses Cisco's secure collaboration technology to save more lives, faster than ever.

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