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Webex Desk Series

From collaboration to creation - it all starts at the desk

Compare Desk Series models

Cisco Desk Camera

Make the best impression with 4k ultra-HD video that you can attach to your monitor or laptop.

Webex Desk Hub

This personalized desk experience is designed for your home or office. It's the new way to get work done.

Webex Desk Mini

Find your new favorite workspace with the portable desk device that’s designed for taking meetings in any room.

Webex Desk

Experience flawless video conferencing and co-creation with the all-in-one home office collaboration hub.

Webex Desk Pro

The most advanced, AI-powered all-in-one for the desk and shared spaces.

What’s new with the Webex Desk Series

A new range of desk devices are coming your way. From the Webex Desk Camera to the all-in-one Webex Desk, get the device you need to make work better and collaboration easier.

Cisco has been recognized as a Leader

Gartner positions Cisco a Leader in 2021 Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions for the 15th consecutive time.

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