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Verizon facilitates 5G growth and innovation

  • Verizon has created one of the foremost 5G proving grounds
  • Members of the Verizon 5G Technology Forum are providing their expertise
  • The company is using Cisco's services to ensure successful implementation

5G will help service providers to deliver new services quickly and easily on behalf of their customers. Verizon is using Cisco's unique 5G capabilities to build one of the largest 5G proving grounds in the world. By taking steps to deal with the future of networking now, Verizon is creating the base for the next generation of enterprise services.


Why was this initiative necessary?

As businesses increasingly digitize, mobile carriers will need the speed, low latency and dynamic provisioning capabilities that 5G networks are expected to deliver. These advanced capabilities will help your business to address increasing subscriber demands and new services trends.

Smart providers are already taking steps in that direction. Verizon is seizing the opportunity now and is building one of the largest 5G proving grounds in the world, with the specialist help of Cisco, who are helping service providers manage the exponential growth in video and traffic.

The technology partnership with Cisco is helping us accelerate the deployment of new enterprise 5G services to support our enterprise customers with improved security, scalability, and agility in their digitization journey.

Ed Chan, SVP of Technology Strategy & Planning at Verizon

As a member of the Verizon 5G Technology Forum, Cisco will help Verizon drive 5G innovation around the network and offer the services that the company needs to help enable its enterprise and SMB customers to receive the best connectivity experience that 5G can offer.

Cisco is in a unique position to help firms like Verizon to deliver on the promises of 5G. A first-of-its-kind globally, Cisco's 5G Ready Network as a Platform delivers broadband, mobile video, and a rich suite of media and collaboration services.


Why did Verizon select Cisco?

The combination of Verizon's forward looking strategy and Cisco's advanced networking capability proved a natural fit. "Cisco shares our vision for the network of the future, powered by 5G," said Shawn Hakl, VP of Business Networking and Security Services, Verizon.

"As part of this activity, Verizon and Cisco will use enterprise SD-WAN functions that interact with the carrier 5G network to integrate security policy and manage the performance of applications such as unified communications."

Cisco is bringing key elements of its 5G-ready mobile architecture to Verizon's 5G pre-commercial pilots, such as:

  • Virtualized, cloud-based, 5G Technology Forum-compliant packet core as part of the Cisco Ultra Service Platform. This platform increases service velocity by providing on-boarding and operational simplification for virtual network functions that help enable individual applications to be delivered to customers in real-time. In the network transport space, Cisco will also bring mobile backhaul infrastructure to help deliver the faster gigabit broadband speeds 5G will offer.
  • Virtual Managed Services, a software platform that uses virtualization, automation, analytics and cloud to rapidly deploy security and network services, such as Cisco iWAN and threat-centric security solutions. As part of this effort, Cisco will also be deploying a pre-release version of a 5G-enabled router to deliver advanced services to enterprise, branch, and small and medium-sized businesses.


How are Verizon and Cisco overcoming implementation challenges?

Verizon Wireless is conducting limited market trials and proof of concept studies for 5G use cases around fixed wireless access in Mideast USA. Cisco's services team, meanwhile, is working with Verizon and other partners, including radio vendors, for planning, design, lab test and validation for proof of concepts (POC).

Verizon is using Cisco Ultra-M virtual packet core, with control and user plane separation, Cisco Policy Suite, mobile backhaul, IP core and datacenter infrastructure. Cisco's services team is responsible for putting the firm's enterprise-to-enterprise solution together, and for performing lab tests and validations. The contribution made by the services team is of high value and Cisco has already received positive feedback from all stakeholders.


What benefits does the partnership bring?

The partnership with Cisco is helping Verizon to embrace continuing digital transformation in service provision. "The accelerating customer adoption of a wireless, cloud-based, digital paradigm is driving us toward 5G network innovation," said Ed Chan, SVP of Technology Strategy & Planning at Verizon.

"The technology partnership with Cisco is helping us accelerate the deployment of new enterprise 5G services to support our enterprise customers with improved security, scalability, and agility in their digitization journey."

See how Cisco's services could take your business to the next level

In addition to developing technologies that enable greater service agility, Verizon and Cisco will explore the connectivity and performance of the 5G network, and how the benefits of this technology can be harnessed across industry verticals.

New developments in business applications, such as those that make use of augmented or virtual reality, will require 5G's low latency, quality of service and high capacity to be delivered successfully across the network. These developments will help support interactive and immersive experiences that have never been delivered before.

"Cisco and Verizon are transforming how businesses can tap into the incredible potential of 5G," said Yvette Kanouff, SVP and GM, Service Provider Business, Cisco. "Verizon is building the network of tomorrow to support 5G, and Cisco is honored to be a part of both their full architectural approach and vision to translate these new technical capabilities to the business benefit of their customers."

If your business is looking to transform its network, and wants to ensure it can deliver new services to customers faster than ever before, then Professional Services from Cisco can recommend and advise on technology solutions that are directly aligned to your business goals.


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