Cisco Nexus 3550 Series

Ultra-low latency network switch platform

Nexus 3550 Series deliver ultra-low latency switching and multiplexing functions, precision timestamping, and programmability to facilitate your mission-critical network applications.

Features and benefits

Ultra-low latency networking

All Nexus 3550 switches are designed and optimized for ultra-low latency applications.

Modular switch architecture

The Nexus 3550-F modular architecture provides the flexibility to scale port and device features.

High density layer 1 switching

The Nexus 3550-H are high-density layer 1 switches for date monitoring and distribution applications.

Powerful FPGA Programmability

The Nexus 3550-F network platform offers smart switch capabilities through FPGA programmability.

Compare Cisco Nexus 3550 Series models

The 3550 Series offers high-density layer 1, fast layer 2 switching, high-speed multiplexing, and precision time stamping to power your ultra-low latency network applications.

Nexus 3550-F Fusion L2

Full MAC learning layer 2 switch with VLAN and IGMP support. Port-to-port latencies as low as 95ns.

Nexus 3550-F Fusion Mux

Many to one aggregation (multiplexing) with minimum latencies of 39ns port-to-port.

Nexus 3550-F Fusion HPT

Network tap and aggregation with 70ps high-precision timestamps and 32GB deep buffers.

Nexus 3550-F Fusion L1

Modular ultra-low latency layer 1 switch for network tap, patch and fan-out operations.

Nexus 3550-H Hydra L1-160

Our highest-density L1 switch for network monitoring, dynamic reconfiguration, and low-latency multicast.

Nexus 3550-H Hydra L1-144

High-density L1 switch for network monitoring, dynamic reconfiguration, and low-latency multicast.

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