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Set Up your Wireless Network in 10 Minutes

Configuring your network across multiple locations is necessary to increase efficiency and productivity. Perhaps nowhere is the challenge of keeping up with the onslaught of wireless devices greater than in the small-to-midsized companies with little or no IT expertise to handle it.

No matter the size of your office, you need world-class networking capabilities.
Companies can now deploy a low cost, high performance solution quickly and efficiently with no IT specialist experience required.  Cisco introduces the 1815 family - a secure, scalable, and fast network solution, giving you Cisco’s advanced, best-practice features as standard

This empowers businesses, at all stages of their operation, to fully experience the positive impact of digitization in their business. Cisco solutions have been tailored to assist small to mid-sized business to work optimally with the help of a new wireless network.

Cisco has an updated version of Cisco Mobility Express —the easy-to-use management software for Cisco wireless products. Designed for networks of all sizes, Mobility Express provides industry-leading wireless LAN technology for your employees and customers.

Watch the Mobility Express video here

The new Cisco Mobility Express upgrades include:

  • Scalability: Runs WLAN controller function on an access point supporting up to 100 APs
  • Ease of Deployment: Plug-and-Play for zero touch deployment in less than 10 minutes
  • Application Visibility & Control: Allows customers to understand exactly what is running on their network.
  • Apple & Cisco Features: through collaboration between Apple and Cisco, automatically turn on fast and efficient roaming for iPhone and iPad on your Cisco wireless network. It also provides a “fast lane” capability that allows IT control to easily prioritize those apps that are most important for your business
  • Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Connect: Engage with Guests via Wi-Fi Onboarding with Presence Analytics - our Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) cloud solution allows you to connect with your customers in a way that you’ve never been able to before. Whether it’s making Wi-Fi guest access simpler through easy guest onboarding, analyzing visitor behavior through presence analytics or engaging with your customers and offering a better personal experience while delivering them relevant content, you’ll be able to do it all with CMX.

Mobility Express products

Mobility Express access points come in two categories:

  • Indoor Series (1815i, 1815t, 1815w and 1815m)
  • Outdoor Series (1562I, 1562E and 1562D)

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