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Cisco is transforming the way buildings are designed, built, managed and experienced.

The construction industry is one of the largest sectors in the world. The Global Construction 2030 report reveals that the volume of global construction output will grow by 85% to $15.5 trillion worldwide by 2030. This is annual spending on retrofitting and construction of new infrastructure, industrial installations, and buildings–the physical foundation for our society. Commercial and institutional real estate accounts for approximately one third of the global spending (residential development and renovations, infrastructure like roads and bridges, and industrial installations being the other 2/3).

Thus how is Cisco transforming the face of real estate you may ask? The early adoption of a smart building design means reduced build and fit out costs right from the start of construction. While a secure, enterprise-grade network means that every building system can be controlled from anywhere with a smart device. Ultimately tenants enjoy an enhanced user experience through personalized environmental controls. The Internet of Things in buildings is becoming table stakes, and the stakeholders in the industry are quickly embracing the business outcomes this innovation can generate.

Today, we are retrofitting and building new commercial and institutional real estate at a rate of nearly $2.5 trillion per year and the percentage spending on systems and automation is growing at a rapid pace as buildings include more technical capabilities to accommodate changing needs and heightened required comfort and security. In this large and fragmented industry, more than a quarter of the construction spending is known to be squandered due to antiquated processes, inefficient design, unnecessary redundancy, and waste of resources.

As such, Cisco has invested heavily into the Smart Building space and our solutions go well beyond the traditional router, switch and wireless offerings that most are used to. We have a specialized team that comes with years of experience in the real estate industry. This means we are able to help customers address enterprise-wide business challenges with ease. Our solutions and expertise ensure customers can adopt new technology in demanding and competitive marketplace, attract and retain new tenant, lower capital cost for new projects, connect systems to drive down operation costs sustainably, manage energy consumption and increase the real estate footprint. Ultimately Cisco is here to help customers digitally transform the real estate industry in Africa, and across the globe.

Bringing “digital” into the built environment, and creating buildings that are hyper-connected, efficient, and technically astute to the needs of future users and tenants (while offering amazing workplaces for the more mature generations) may still sound daunting to those in the construction and real estate industry. Cisco has made it easy with solutions such as Digital Ceiling framework and set of solutions

This is the beginning of the Uberizing and AirBnB’ing, of the construction and real estate industry in Africa.

For more information view : www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Zx-hdV6acU