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2017-12-21 – Gordon Thomson

Top 5 game changers for 2018

Gordon Thomson

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2017-12-21 Top 5 game changers for 2018
Gordon Thomson, Digital Acceleration – EMEAR
As MD of digital acceleration in EMEAR, I get to talk with CIOs about how they can use technology to do amazing things. And I’m particularly excited about 2018, as it’s already shaping up to be a year in which tech will have a bigger impact than ever before.
2017-10-16 Transforming the way buildings are designed, built, managed and experienced in Africa
Kaecy Udumukwu, Systems Engineer - Nigeria
The construction industry is one of the largest sectors in the world. The Global Construction 2030 report reveals that the volume of global construction output will grow by 85% to $15.5 trillion worldwide by 2030. This is annual spending on retrofitting and construction of new infrastructure, industrial installations, and buildings–the physical foundation for our society.
2017-10-11 ‘BYOD’ ne devrait pas signifier ‘Bring Your Own Disaster’ – 7 astuces sur la Cyber Sécurité que vos employés devraient considérer et adopter
Lara Fawzy, Security Marketing Subject Matter Expert - Middle East & Africa
IL'inspiration frappe quand on s'y attend le moins. Les idées ne nous viennent pas toujours au bureau. Dans un monde où l’on apporter notre propre équipement «Bring Your Own Device» ou «BYOD», les appareils de travail se déplacent avec nous, et les employés introduisent des appareils personnels dans les réseaux d'entreprise.
2017-10-11 ‘BYOD’ shouldn’t mean ‘Bring Your Own Disaster’ – 7 Cybersecurity Tips Your Employees Should Take Home
Lara Fawzy, Security Marketing Subject Matter Expert - Middle East & Africa
Inspiration strikes when we least expect it. Ideas don’t always come to us in the office. In a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ or ‘BYOD’ world, work devices move with us, and employees introduce personal devices to corporate networks.
2017-08-29 Set Up your Wireless Network in 10 Minutes
Seif Ibrahim, Enterprise Network - Marketing Subject Matter Expert, Africa & Middle East
Configuring your network across multiple locations is necessary to increase efficiency and productivity. Perhaps nowhere is the challenge of keeping up with the onslaught of wireless devices greater than in the small-to-midsized companies with little or no IT expertise to handle it.
2017-08-21 The Cisco Midyear Cybersecurity Report 2017 identifies eight impacted industries in South Africa and globally - are you protected?
Lara Fawzy, Security Marketing Subject Matter Expert - Middle East & Africa
Cybercrime is the fourth most reported economic crime in South Africa. The local economy is reportedly losing as much as R1 billion annually due to online criminal activities.
2017-06-20 Bringing Security To The CEO
Clayton Naidoo, Regional Sales Manager, Cisco Southern Africa
Businesses are challenged by the Connected Generation to protect networks, data and company reputations with shared effort, strategic focus and vigilance but unless CEOs lead the process of protecting their networks, data and assets (tangible and intangible) as more people and devices are connect across their networks cybercrime will continue to be a trillion-rand business.
2017-06-20 WannaRelax? – tips to safeguard yourself against Ransomware
Paul Beyleveld , Consulting Systems Engineer, Security Solutions, Cisco Southern Africa
Digitisation is making it possible to imagine entirely new ways of doing business and get ahead of the competition; however, these same advances are also driving innovation in crime. As business went virtual, so did the crime.
2017-06-20 Evening-up the fight in the war against organised cybercriminals
Greg Griessel , Consulting Systems Engineer, Security Solutions, Cisco Southern Africa
Every day Cisco blocks over 20 billion threats. That’s almost three for every man, woman and child on the planet! This may give some sense of the scale of cybercrime that targets legitimate businesses. What it doesn’t do is to provide an accurate picture of the levels of sophistication that are being applied to the task by the cybercriminals concerned.
2017-05-23 Introducing Global Gold – a new partner certification tier open to our Africa Partner organisaiton
By Tunji Akintokun, Cisco Africa Commercial and Channel Director
Our business is changing. Our customers’ needs are evolving. Companies are more global than ever. The phrase ‘think global, act local’ has never been more relevant. We’ve listened closely and understand that we need to make it easier for our partners to do business with us at a global scale. Today we are excited to announce Global Gold, our highest partner certification tier.
2017-05-04 8 things you didn’t know about Cisco Systems
By Olakunle Oloruntimehin, GM Cisco Nigeria
Cisco Systems is an IT and networking brand that specializes in switches, routers, cybersecurity, and IoT and whose logo seems to be on every office telephone or conference hardware. Although Cisco is a popular well-known organization, there still lies an element of enigma around the brand that leaves a vaguely content yet eager to know more about feeling—because there are things about Cisco including the brand name itself that is unknown.
2017-03-02 Cisco Spark Board – A Team Tablet For Seamless Collaboration in Africa
By Conrad Steyn, Cisco Southern Africa Collaboration Product Sales Specialist
What if you could have a life-sized team tablet for your meeting room? One that feels as easy to use as the latest smartphone and looks as good? And one that is multi-functional, so you can do more and get more done with it?
2017-03-02 3 Things Successful Teams Do Differently in the Digital Business
By Conrad Steyn, Cisco Southern Africa Collaboration Product Sales Specialist
Teams that collaborate, stay together. It could be a bumper sticker or a cheesy team-building slogan, but it’s the truth. The only thing that separates a successful business idea from an idea that never gets off the ground is the complexity of bringing people together.
2017-02-20 Cybersecurity in Africa – Practical & Simple Tips on How to Protect from Online Threats
By Paul Beyleveld – Cybersecurity Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco Southern Africa
In today’s hyper-connected world, the real question isn’t if a security breach will happen but when. And breaches mean loss of money, time and customers, on top of outages. Thus the question is how do you as an individual, or organization, protect yourself from cyberattacks.


2016-12-14 Every organization will experience Cybercrime
By Abdelilah Nejjari, GM for Cisco Maghreb
The rise of technology has presented new challenges for Morocco and Africa as a whole. One such risk that requires direct attention and action is cybercrime. Cybersecurity experts predict that 80% of Africa’s PC’s are infected by viruses and malicious software.
2016-11-17 Why 5G is a lot more than just 4G on steroids?
By Stefano Mattiello, Cisco Director for Global Services Providers
Last September, the United Nations’ information and communication technologies agency ITU shared its vision of a 5G mobile broadband connected society of the year 2020
2016-11-17 Nigeria Financial Services industry one of the most affected by cybercrime, says Cisco
By Olakunle Oloruntimehin, General Manager, Cisco Nigeria
Cybersecurity Awareness month has highlighted that African countries need to urgently scale up efforts to combat cybercrimes through a multi-stakeholder approach involving government, industry, private and civil society organizations
2016-10-26 Digital Transformation to Lead Maghreb & WCA to a Region Reimagined, says Cisco
By Abdelilah Nejjari, GM for Cisco Maghreb
As we move from the Information Era to the Digital Era, the network continues to grow in relevance. If the network foundation crumbles, the business will be crippled.