Transforming retail for the digital age

Transforming retail for the digital age

Deliver the experience your customers demand with a network that is constantly learning. Constantly adapting. Constantly protecting. Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) uses automation to simplify network management, analytics to give you customer insights, and embedded security to help you meet compliance requirements. This is a new era of networking. The Network. Intuitive.

A new era of
networking for retail.

The Network. Intuitive.

Explore Cisco’s intent-based networking

Imagine a network that provides visibility and context around customers’ in-store shopping so you can give them what they want in real time.

It’s a network that understands intent and responds to your business needs instantly.

A network that constantly protects your customers, your business, and your brand by uncovering and containing suspicious activity everywhere.

That’s intent-based networking.

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It’s constantly learning.

The new network is always on, working tirelessly to collect, analyze, and present the knowledge you need to run your business better.

It turns data about your customers, associates, devices, and the network itself into insights that help you make the right decisions at the right time.

See adaptability 

It’s constantly adapting.

Only the new network can keep up with the accelerating pace of business. It simplifies, automates, and responds to new digital needs.

When you open a branch, deploy an e-training, or install a security system, the network makes automatic optimizations to serve you and your customers better.

See security 

It’s constantly protecting.

The new network is constantly on guard for threats, whether in branches, in corporate offices, or in the cloud—even when the traffic is encrypted.

Rest assured knowing that when attacks occur, your retail systems, customer data, and IoT devices are protected by an all-seeing, intelligent network.

Find out how ready your network
is for the digital era.

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Explore DNA for Retail

Transform your retail network with our on-premises and cloud-managed technology and solutions.

Insights and analytics for retail

Insights and analytics

Gain real-time analytics and deliver personalized experiences to customers and associates.

Automation and assurance

Automation and assurance

Save time and reduce complexity through policy-based automation throughout your store.

Retail Security and compliance

Security and compliance

Use your store's network to identify threats, even in encrypted traffic, and rapidly contain them.

Retail Virtualization


Deliver services faster, at lower cost, on physical and virtual platforms across your locations.

Digital-ready infrastructure

Digital-ready infrastructure

Choose routing, switching, and wireless products designed for DNA.

DNA products for retail

DNA products for retail

Learn what's possible with our enterprise networking products.

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Digitizing the luxury shopping experience

Digitizing the shopping experience

"CMX Cloud is ... a great tool for a marketer to show proven results. ... The analytics provide insight on customer behavioral patterns so we can cater our marketing initiatives to better target customers and give them what they want while they’re here."

Collette Navarrette,
Director of Marketing, Santana Row, Federal Realty Investment Trust
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Featured technology

High-accuracy location for retail

High-accuracy location for retail

Get true blue-dot navigation, plus proximity marketing at your fingertips, with Cisco Virtual Beacon.​

Online retailers thrive with Digital Network Architecture

Online retailer thrives with DNA

With DNA’s advanced analytics capabilities, can now focus on innovation. (2:17 min)

Digitize your stores and supply chain

Learn about the 3 ways retailers can enable transformation with Cisco DNA.

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Digitize your stores and supply chain

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Improve results across your business with our DNA services.

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Become a digital retailer

Become a digital retailer

Start your journey to digital transformation. Become the retailer of the future, today.

Is your retail network digitally ready?

Is your network digital ready?

Get personalized guidance on improving your network’s readiness.

Boost retail staff productivity

Boost staff productivity

Help associates support customer-first experiences. (PDF - 3.1 MB)

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