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Security Case Study: Duo

Securing 5 million access attempts a month

Cisco uses zero-trust security from Duo to protect application access for 120,000 users and 400,000 devices globally. With Duo, Cisco secures 5 million access attempts a month across 3,000 applications, and gains visibility into who and what is on the network. 



  • Secure access attempts by employees, contractors, and vendors located all over the world
  • Implement zero-trust approach to protect all applications by validating users and devices
  • Use security tools that foster productivity while protecting critical data and resources


  • Prioritized change management and communication strategy
  • Enabled flexible self-service to make it easy for users to enroll
  • Integrated into Office 365 rollout for a secure, borderless experience


  • Protecting over 120,000 employees, contractors, and vendors--only 1 percent needed support
  • Continuously validating health and trust of over 400,000 access devices
  • Visibility into who and what is on the network, enabling faster responses to risks

Protecting 3,000 applications with Duo

Duo hit all the bullets 100 percent. It was easy to deploy, it was scalable, it was manageable, and it created a great user experience. And most importantly, it simply works.

Steve Martino, CISO, Cisco

Who is Duo Security?

Industry: Cybersecurity
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Size: 800+ employees
Website: Duo