We’re committed to powering an inclusive future for all

As one of the leading forces in connecting the world, we understand our unique opportunity to bring communities together and create meaningful change for everyone, everywhere.

Four pillars. One unified purpose.


Ethically build and deliver tech that securely powers the world’s connectivity. 


Act boldly and deliberately to accelerate fairness, inclusion, and equitable access to opportunity. 


Ensure a sustainable and regenerative future for our planet. 

For All

Serve as a catalyst and multiplier to scale impact with all and for all. 

Enabling a world of possibilities

Discover how we’re leveraging our innovations to inspire Cisco employees, partners, and customers to make sustainable and positive impacts across the globe.

Powering connection and empowering humanity

Our technology provides the security, connectivity, and user experience that allows people and organizations to innovate, collaborate, and make a difference on a global scale. 

Digitizing communities

See how the Cisco Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program delivers innovative technology and ethical solutions.

Sourcing responsibly

Cisco’s #1 ranking in Gartner’s Supply Chain Ratings two years in a row recognizes our socially responsible sourcing and manufacturing. 

Bridging the divide

We opened the Rural Broadband Innovation Center to connect the unconnected throughout the U.S.

Accelerating fairness and inclusion

At Cisco, we strive to foster an inclusive and diverse culture where employees can be their whole selves while building new skills, exploring areas of interest, and becoming catalysts for social change.

Investing in social justice

We’re investing over $300 million to deliver on our Social Justice Beliefs and Actions.

Creating career opportunities

Over the past 25 years, more than 15 million students have developed IT skills through the Cisco Networking Academy.

Empowering hybrid work

We’re generating data-driven insights to ready businesses for the era of hybrid work.

Ensuring a sustainable future

We’re committed to ensuring a sustainable and regenerative planet with ongoing initiatives and solutions aimed at reducing emissions and addressing climate change. 

Committing to net zero

We’re committed to reaching net zero for all greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

Fighting the climate crisis

The Cisco Foundation is committing $100 million over the next 10 years to fund climate solutions.

Increasing product efficiency

Cisco Silicon One can reduce energy consumption of web-scale networks by 26x.

Building partnerships to create a better world for all

By partnering and collaborating with customers, governments, nonprofits, and even our competitors, we’re able to multiply our efforts and scale our impact. 

Activating our ecosystem

We actively work through partners, suppliers, and customers to mobilize ecosystems and enable collective action.

Touching the globe

We’re committed to positively impacting one billion people through our social impact grants and signature programs by 2025.

Partnering for Purpose (PDF)

We collaborate with partners and customers to learn from and share best practices on social and environmental impact projects.

Our journey continues

Dive into more details in this year’s Purpose Report to see how we’re powering an inclusive future for all.