Reimagine Government

Cisco is committed to supporting you as you reimagine your countries and communities through technology.

Between envisioning a better world and creating one, there's a bridge.

The future of government is an evolution of tradition. Between tradition and transformation, Cisco has the technology that solves, creates, inspires, heals, and secures to help you build your bridge to possible. We're in this together, and Cisco is securely connecting what's now and what's next to power a greater good and an inclusive future for all.

Cisco is your trusted technology partner in government

We securely connect governments and constituents with transformative technologies that power inclusive future for all.

Digitally transform your government

Modernize critical infrastructure

Facilitate public safety and justice

Deliver cybersecurity and compliance

Meet three everyday heroes

See how these communities stay connected with Cisco technology.

Supporting the homeless population by offering virtual connections throughout the pandemic. (2:36)

Helping the city in a 48-hour race to a work-from-home solution. (2:26)

Striving to keep courts going while everything else was shut down. (1:44)

Get hybrid work to work for you

Empower residents and employees with a suite of flexible, supportive, and inclusive hybrid work tools so they can maintain productivity efficiently and safely.


Cisco Collaboration and Meraki products enhance situational awareness and improve coordination for first responders. (3:08)

Learn how governments can establish inclusive networks for their citizens through wireless edge technology. (3:01)

Enhance passenger experience with dynamic communications, seamless WiFi, location-based services, and automated ticketing. (3:02)

Enable connected and automated vehicle applications for drivers and traffic managers. (2:56)

See how Cisco can help enable customers with time-sensitive applications and critical wireless control networks. (2:22)

See how Cisco's PoE solutions reduce carbon emissions and installation costs for your customers. (3:23)

See how secure access to electric utilities provides critical visibility into grid operations. (3:26)

Learn how grid modernization projects accommodate renewables and create opportunity for Cisco’s FAN solution. (2:34)