Corporate Social Responsibility

You + Networks = Impact

Networks multiply the impact of people working to solve complex social and environmental challenges. (1:48 min)

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Cisco, we believe that networks can multiply our impact, which is why we dedicate our networking expertise to helping address some of the world's most pressing problems. Working in more than 150 countries, we can build more impactful and sustainable programs that address today's complex social and environmental issues while also supporting our business.

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Human and technology networks are improving education, healthcare, and job prospects in China. (3:18 min)

Partnering with NetHope

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Cisco 2011 CSR Report

Networks help Cisco build better Corporate Social Responsibility programs and create long-term value.

Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility

Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility

The Cisco Intelligent Network helps build thriving communities around the world.

Optimize Virtual Teams

Reduce or cut travel costs by scaling resources and meeting with executives, experts, and partners more frequently, virtually.

Borderless Experience

Connect anyone, anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Expert Insight

Dipak Basu

Founder, NetHope

“From a network perspective, the overall intent of technologies were to make our members abilities to deliver aid more efficient.”

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