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Learn how other CIOs deliver business value

Save Operational Costs

Save more:

  • Virtual technologies free employees to work remotely, cutting real estate and energy costs
  • TelePresence reduces travel expenses while improving collaboration
  • Consolidated infrastructure reduces maintenance expenses
  • Managed services allow in-house staff to focus on core competencies

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Agility, Speed, and Scale

Adapt quickly:

  • Create resources as shared services so that you can introduce new capabilities quickly
  • Enable employees, partners, customers, and suppliers to communicate virtually at a second's notice
  • Consolidate technology to realize operational savings and reduce management challenges

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Go global and be mobile:

  • Train new employees so they can contribute faster
  • Hire the best talent no matter where they live
  • Let employees work securely anywhere at any time
  • Make it easy to locate organizational expertise
  • Speed decision-making and reduce travel with virtual collaboration tools
  • Retain top contributors

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Organizational Flexibility

Be a borderless enterprise:

  • Allow limitless collaboration wherever and whenever people want to connect
  • Make it easy for employees to find resources and expertise
  • Enable the business to sell into new geographies
  • Source projects in new regions to cut operational costs

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Give employees the tools to innovate:

  • Let the workforce securely access the network from anywhere at any time
  • Connect employees, customers, partners, and suppliers through virtual platforms
  • Make it easy for teams to share and edit documents
  • Cut operational costs so there's more to invest in research and development

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Lead by example:

  • Understand business problems and how technology can solve them
  • Spend wisely to cut operational costs
  • Urge everyone from your board members to your users to embrace new technology
  • Deploy technology in a sustainable way to protect the environment
  • Give executives greater insight into how the business works

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IT and Business Management

Make IT work for the business:

  • Simplify and reuse services to scale faster and spend wisely
  • Use collaboration tools to manage projects more efficiently
  • Define IT's value when you initiate a project and constantly measure the results to ensure business needs are met

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Getting Results with Collaboration

Professor Morten Hansen of the University of California, Berkeley, explains how to overcome the four primary barriers to collaboration. (Podcast - 9:06 min)

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