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Extend the Lifecycle of Your Infrastructure
Data Center Services accelerate business growth and help you improve return on investment by optimizing your data center.

New Data Center: Changing the Way You Work
Help your staff improve their skills as you adopt virtualization solutions to enhance your data center.

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Data Center Virtualization

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Virtualization for the CIO

Cut Costs with Cloud Computing (Podcast - 20:30 min)
Business Connexion's CTO discusses new cloud computing services and their impact on business models and pricing.

Building a Business Case for Virtualization
Do your due-diligence for virtualization, focusing on ROI, management, and IT infrastructure.

Virtualization for the Enterprise Architect

Making Data Centers More Dynamic
Find out how integrated server and network virtualization solutions can produce data centers with greater visibility and control.

Building an Efficient Network Infrastructure
Simplify IT management and cut costs with network virtualization solutions for your network.

Discovering the Benefits of Cloud Computing
The next generation of cloud computing ties network clouds together, taking full advantage of the best qualities of each.

Building Cisco's Data Center Architecture
The director of Cisco's IT data center team explains how Cisco developed its next-generation data center.

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