Get More from Your Workforce

Maximize productivity with technology-enabled collaboration tools that help employees work together more effectively and interact more often with customers. (Video - 3:05 min)

Get More from Your Workforce

Get More from Your Workforce

Maximize productivity with technology-enabled collaboration tools that help employees work together more effectively and interact more often with customers. (Video - 3:05 min)

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Work Smarter

Your organization's biggest asset is its people. Give them the tools to do their jobs better and build the business faster regardless of where and when they may be working.

Today few companies have the luxury of adding new staff. That makes it imperative to maximize employee productivity. Since employees are global and mobile, it makes good business sense to capitalize on a new breed of collaboration technologies that allow you to:

  • Train new employees so they can contribute faster
  • Hire the best and brightest talent no matter where they live
  • Let employees work securely from anywhere at any time, using a variety of devices
  • Find organizational expertise so knowledge can be shared
  • Speed decision-making by making it easy to collaborate and share materials
  • Meet with customers, partners, and suppliers without wasting time traveling
  • Retain top contributors

Collaboration Sparks City's Productivity

San Mateo is making faster decisions and sharing services among agencies.
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The Sensation Over Collaboration
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Meeting the Needs of Today's Workforce
Changes in where employees work require you to rethink collaboration tools.

The ROI of Virtual Meetings
TelePresence delivers big travel savings and increases employee productivity.

Deliver real value to your business by helping employees contribute to their full potential. Develop a strong collaboration framework that boosts both productivity and profits.

Build on the technology you already have in place by adding new capabilities that encourage employees to collaborate and contribute. Spark innovation, eliminate waste, and boost morale.

Consider ways to:

  • Enable secure network access from anywhere in the world
  • Support a variety of devices to give workers the mobility they need
  • Deploy unified communications to streamline the delivery of information
  • Optimize network and application performance to help eliminate downtime

Case Studies, Blueprints & White Papers

Case Studies


White Papers

  • Prescription for Network Excellence
    Architecture improvements let healthcare providers speed decision-making, comply with regulations, and even offer better patient care.
  • Satisfaction in Store
    Retailers are meeting customer demands with state-of-the-art network architectures that add new efficiencies to operations.

Finding Expertise Virtually

Get tips on making your company's product experts more available to customers and improving their productivity.

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Get More from Your Employees

See how technology facilitates better workforce training and management.

The sales function for your organization is often divided into an array of roles that require selling with distributed team members, developing solutions with experts, and delivering jointly with partners. Effective teamwork, information sharing, and knowledge transfer in an increasingly mobile and virtual environment are critical to successful team selling.

Your sales teams lose productivity as they wait for responses to email or voice messages, or send proposals back and forth between team members. The inability of team members to quickly and easily reach or exchange information with each other causes frustration and reduces the ability of your sales organization to respond to customers.

Help enable real-time collaboration throughout the sales process, unlock productivity, and accelerate teamwork. Now you can:

  • Reduce communications delays between team members-within and outside the organization
  • Facilitate real-time document sharing and face-to-face communications between distributed coworkers, partners, and customers
  • Streamline and unify business communications on any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Speed up decision making and reduce sales-cycle times with communications-enabled sales applications

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Optimize Sales Productivity with Collaboration

Learn how Cisco is transforming sales operations with collaboration to increase scale, efficiency, and productivity.

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A Day in the Life of a Sales Professional
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