Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud Starter Edition

Take the First Steps to Cloud Computing

Get up and running quickly with a private cloud on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) with the help of Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud Starter Edition. Begin delivering infrastructure-as-a-service within weeks. Once deployed, your IT organization will be able to provide self-service automation for both virtual and physical resources, reducing end-to-end provisioning time from days to minutes.

Video Demonstration

Video Demonstration

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Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud Starter Edition is a software solution to help your organization quickly deploy your first private cloud and begin enjoying the benefits of cloud computing.

The starter edition is focused on simple infrastructure provisioning through a self-service portal with automation, orchestration, and lifecycle management for both virtual and physical servers. That simplicity speeds your time to cloud computing and improves your agility.

When combined with Cisco UCS, you can implement this solution to:

  • Standardize and automate your IT infrastructure services
  • Orchestrate provisioning of virtual machines as well as physical servers
  • Manage computing resources from the initial order to the end of their lifecycle

Scales with Your Business

The product is deployment-ready, including prebuilt service content, workflows, and integration adapters to support UCS and VMware environments.

This cloud management solution includes two primary components:

  • Cisco Cloud Portal - provides the user interface, service catalog, and lifecycle management capabilities for ordering and tracking IT requests
  • Cisco Process Orchestrator - the automation and orchestration engine that automates the workflows and provisioning to fulfill those requests.

With the starter edition, you'll start with self-service, automated provisioning of virtual machines and physical UCS blades. As your business and IT demands grow, you can expand your deployment to take advantage of the full functionality of Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud.

The product is extensible and offers an upgrade path as you extend the functionality and adoption of your private cloud in a heterogeneous, multi-vendor environment or move to a hybrid cloud model over time.

Features and Benefits

This cloud management and orchestration solution for Cisco UCS offers:

  • Unified Self-Service Portal - provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for users to request and track their physical and virtual resources
  • Unified Cloud Management - automatically provisions the resources once service requests are submitted, and gives users and administrators the ability to manage their resources throughout the lifecycle

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