Alam Steel and the Cisco Difference.

Country: UAE

Preliminary Case Study Questions

  • What was the solution implemented by Cisco? (detailed hardware & software – please provide solution fact sheet / whitepaper)
  • IP Communications, Wireless Bridging
    • Switching: CE 500 PoE
    • Router: Cisco 2821 ISR with FXO PSTN connectivity, ADSL WAN Connectivity for DIP office
    • IP Communications: CallManager Express. Phones were 7940G and 7911. Unity Express
    • Wireless Bridging: 1410 wireless bridges for point-to-point connectivity between Jebel Ali and DIP offices
  • What is the AT penetration of this solution?
    • AT 95 %.
    • Switching & Routing 5 %.
  • Why did the customer choose Cisco over competitors? (Brand, value, TCO, support ...etc)
    • Brand
    • ROI
    • TCO
    • Technology
  • What business challenge was the customer facing?
    • New office building
    • No Service Provider Internet connectivity in DIP
    • Multi-site connectivity
  • How did the solution help customer overcome these challenges?
    • Connected DIP office to head office
    • Unified Communications infrastructure across organization
  • What are the overall business benefits of the implemented solution to the customer?
    • Reduced connectivity costs
    • Increased productivity through reduced latency
    • Streamlined intersite communication
  • Is the project/solution implanted already?
    • Partly. IP Communications complete. Wireless Bridging waiting for TRA approval
  • When what was the implantation duration?
    • August - November 2007: 2 Weeks
  • What can the customer now offer (to employees, customers, partners), thanks to the solution which he couldn’t before? (Services, integration, collaboration ..etc) Seamless communication between offices
  • Who was the Cisco partners involved? (Silver, gold?) Latitude Systems: Premier
  • How will the solution impact the customer’s products/services extended to its employees, customers and partners? (productivity, cut costs..) Increased productivity, reduced costs, streamlined communications
  • What future plans does this customer have with this partner? Network Security, additional wireless coverage, Network management

Alam Steel,
Vikram Bhatia,,
+9714 8861200

Cisco Partner:
Latitude Systems,
Avinash Advani,
+9714 3391488,

Account Manager: Priya Limaye,

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