Release Notes

This release contains only internal changes to optimize manufacturing process.

Use these release notes with the Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 Multiplatform Phones running SIP Firmware Release 11.3(1)SR4.

The following table describes the individual phone requirements.


Support Requirements

Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 Multiplatform Phones

Cisco BroadWorks 23.0

MetaSphere CFS version 9.5

Asterisk 11.0

New and Changed Features

This release is a maintenance release and doesn't contain any new or enhanced features.

Upgrade the Firmware

The Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 Multiplatform Phones support a single image upgrade using TFTP, HTTP, or HTTPS protocols with a URL.

After the firmware upgrade completes, the phone reboots automatically.


Step 1

Click the following URL:

Step 2

Select IP Phone 7800 Series with Multiplatform Firmware in the center pane.

Step 3

Select IP Conference Phone 7832 with Multiplatform Firmware in the right pane.

Step 4

Select the Multiplatform Firmware software type.

Step 5

Under All Release, select the MPPv11 folder, then select the 11.3.1 MSR4-1 folder.

Step 6

(Optional) Place your mouse pointer on the file name to display the file details and checksum values.

Step 7

Download the file.

Step 8

Click Accept License Agreement when you accept the software license.

Step 9

Unzip the firmware files.

Step 10

Put the files in the TFTP, HTTP, or HTTPS download directory.

Step 11

Upgrade the phone firmware with one of these methods.

  • Upgrade the phone firmware from the phone administration web page:

    1. On the phone administration web page, go to Admin Login > Advanced > Voice > Provisioning tab, Firmware Upgrade section. In the Upgrade Rule field, enter the load file URL as described below.

      Load file URL format:

      <upgrade protocol>://<server ip address>[:<port>]>/<path>/<file name>.loads


    2. Click Submit All Changes.

  • Upgrade the phone firmware directly from your web browser:

    In the address bar of your web browser, enter the phone upgrade URL as described below.

    Phone upgrade URL format:

    <phone protocol>://<phone ip address[:port]>/admin/upgrade?<load file URL>

    Load file URL format:

    <upgrade protocol>://<server ip address>[:<port>]>/<path>/<file name>.loads


Specify the <file name>.loads file in the URL. The <file name>.zip file contains other files.

Limitations and Restrictions

Phone Behavior During Times of Network Congestion

Anything that degrades network performance can affect phone audio and, in some cases, can cause a call to drop. Sources of network degradation can include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Administrative tasks, such as an internal port scan or security scan

  • Attacks that occur on your network, such as a Denial of Service attack

View Caveats

This release doesn't contain any open or resolved caveats.