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Small Business Security

Small business is big business for hackers. When the network is down, your small business isn't up. Roaming mobile employees who aren't protected aren't productive. Deploy your first-line defense in minutes and protect what's important.

Small businesses are a target for attacks

Hackers target small businesses. SMBs often lack a cyberattack response plan and rely on antivirus software and firewalls, making them an easy target. Small and medium-sized businesses are hit by 62 percent of all cyberattacks, about 4,000 per day. It's time to get more serious about security.

Security that's just right for your business

Powerful protection

Small businesses are hit by 62% of all cyberattacks. Stop threats before they reach your network or endpoints.

Fast and reliable solutions

Cloud-based solutions involve no hardware or software. And 100% uptime means protection is always up to date.

Simplicity and scalability

Choose the package that fits your needs. Configuration is so easy you won't need additional IT staff or security expertise.


Alerts and reporting help you see user and device activity more clearly, so you can quickly identify potential risk. 

I need to...

As technology has evolved, so have cyberthreats.

Protect yourself from malware, lock down sensitive information, and effectively guard against malicious activities.

Deploy and configure in minutes

Cisco Umbrella is cloud delivered. You get comprehensive protection without complicated installations, configurations, and updates.

Get versatile protection

Safeguard users and devices in real time. Enforce policies on or off your network.

Gain visibility and control

One dashboard for analysis, reporting, and filtering means less complexity and quicker resolutions.

How to secure a small business network

Ransomware like WannaCry and Nyeta probably have you thinking about how important it is to secure your business network. Review our detailed checklist of security measures that will help protect your network and your business.

Featured customer security case studies

80% decrease in threats

For TekTegrity, Cisco Umbrella for MSPs blocks malicious domains and IP addresses while also boosting productivity.

About 15% decrease in ticket volume

Symmetric Engineering Group now spends less time on support for malware, boosting profitability.

Protection against cyberattacks

Try Cisco Umbrella cloud-managed security for free, and experience threat protection like no other.