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Cisco Network Services Orchestrator Enabled by Tail-f


  • Accelerate revenue-generating services with automated, self-service, on-demand provisioning that reduces activation times from months to minutes.
  • Increase agility and scale with the capability to create, reconfigure, and repurpose services in real time with virtually unlimited horizontal scale.
  • Simplify your network operations by automating the end-to-end service lifecycle and reducing manual configuration steps by up to 90 percent.
  • Promote open architectures with multi-vendor capabilities to automate advanced device features, easily bundle multiple network services, and help assure them in real time.
  • Ensure trusted operations with the industry’s most robust feature set for ensuring trust across the network, other management systems and NSO clients, apps and users.


Achieve True Agility with Lifecycle Service Automation

Your customers demand rapid service fulfillment and want personalized experiences. As competitive pressures increase, your ability to grow and stay in business depends on continuously differentiating yourself and keeping your customers happy. You also want to seek ways to reduce provisioning times so that you can be the first to market in launching new service innovations, and you want to do so at lower costs. Your virtualizing network, however, requires new a new approach to operations to address all these requirements—which are not easily met using commonly available operations management tools.

This is where orchestration comes into play. The right orchestration solution provides the required operational foundation and enables you to bring true agility to every phase of the services lifecycle to not only meet your customers’ expectations, but also to grow more profitably.

Cisco® Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) enabled by Tail-f® is in production in all of the top ten service providers and a number of large enterprises today. It provides end-to-end lifecycle service automation to design and deliver high-quality services faster and more easily. It lets you create and change services using standardized models without the need for time-consuming custom coding or service disruption. In addition, you can help ensure that your services are delivered in real time and meet even the most stringent service-level agreements (SLAs). The orchestrator automates the full range of multivendor devices across both physical and virtual environments and continually refines and repackages network services at the speed of your business.


Industry’s Most Advanced Cross-Domain Service Orchestrator

Network Services Orchestrator provides end-to-end, multi-domain orchestration of your physical and virtual infrastructure. It will service as a critical component of your DevOps, network function virtualization management and orchestration (NFV MANO) or SDN strategies.

Cisco Network Services Orchestrator enables you to become:

  • More open: Beyond working with Cisco equipment, Cisco NSO works with over 150 non-Cisco devices. The current version of NSO will allow you to add your own devices to the network element driver list. Cisco NSO also supports a diversity of “northbound” software interfaces including CLI, REST, Java and Python to simplify integration into your existing tooling.
  • More scalable: NSO enables large complex networks while providing a single, standardized interface to the entire network infrastructure and integration with back-end business and operations systems. It provides ready-made models from over a hundred vendors, to automate even the most complex services through the use of advanced features like multiple name spaces and multiple version support.
  • More trusted: With Network Services Orchestrator, you have end-to-end transaction control and the capability to change device and service models with service tracking and audit trails. The addition of Secure Call Home and Secure Key Management delivers us the industry’s most trusted solution.


Next Steps

To find out more about what Network Services Orchestrator enabled by Tail-f can do for your business, visit www.cisco.com/go/nso.