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Cisco Ultra M At-a-Glance



Ultra M is a turnkey virtual solution that consists of Cisco® mobility software, Cisco general-purpose compute hardware, and various OpenStack components that support the ability to orchestrate and manage the virtual network functions (VNF) as a core network element.

Ultra M is for mobile network operators who:

  • Want to move incrementally toward Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • Would like to start with Cisco’s Virtual Packet Core Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs)
  • Want to avoid the complexity of integrating Cisco NFV Infrastructure (NFVI), Cisco Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM), and packet core VNFs independently
  • Prefer a simple support mode


Cisco differentiators:

  • Common mobility software across various general-purpose compute to enable operations efficiency
  • Fully functional Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) with a fullfeature, rich mobility suite
  • Radio-agnostic platform with worldwide deployments in a multivendor Radio Access Network (RAN) environment
  • Resiliency with both software and hardware redundancy
  • Seamless 5G migration with Node Selection and Load Balancing (NSLB), Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS), and a hybrid CUPS alignment with 3GPP Rel. 14


Ultra M is turnkey solution from Cisco:

  • Cisco validated and tested
  • Single point of support
  • Cisco’s end-to-end solution (best of breed)
  • Includes automation


Ultra M framework 


Get started

Learn more about Ultra M and how to implement it at: https://www.cisco.com/go/mobile

Download this At-a-Glance in PDF