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Monetizing 5G Services

Capture new 5G premium business service revenue by enabling your business customers to create, customize, and manage services across the mobile wide area network.

Fund your 5G expansion with new revenues and reduced costs

Software-defined 5G architecture is the key to a profitable 5G deployment creating an open, multi-vendor, cloud-to-client network that empowers your business customers with greater creative capabilities, on their schedule, while reducing costs and time to market.

The path to profitable 5G

Discover a 5G architecture that is focused on revenue generation and is rooted in a foundation of trust and security.

Enable premium self-service through Cisco Unified Domain Center

Empower business customers to extend their IT domain with the same control and visibility across your network as they enjoy within their own local area network (LAN).

Fund your 5G network from new enterprise services

Enterprises want more than just bandwidth for last mile connectivity. They want to be able to extend the control of their network to the carrier network with complete visibility and transparency. Tap into the 5G transformations to make this possible.

Colt Network turns their intent-based network into a 5G revenue-generation machine

See how Colt made their Colt IQ Network the perfect match for 5G by enabling on-demand flexibility and scalability combined with the reliability and capacity on which mobile networks depend. Colt was able to reduce costs, self-provision, and extend SLAs to 5G applications.


Check out our Cloud-to-Client approach, unifying multivendor solutions into a single, standards-based architecture.