Cisco Medical NAC

Help secure medical devices

Identify devices entering a converged network. Use network segmentation to protect devices and medical records from threats. Monitor behaviors to detect and contain threats. Improve healthcare security and strengthen ransomware protection.

What Medical NAC does

Identifies medical devices

Delivers instant fingerprinting of more than 250 leading medical devices as well as thousands of nonclinical devices so you know what’s on your network.

Automates onboarding

Provides easy onboarding services for guests, patients, staff, and doctors so they can access authorized resources on a converged wired and wireless network.

Protects medical devices

Uses traditional or software-defined network segmentation to protect medical devices and records from nonclinical devices and the lateral spread of malware.

Monitors and removes threats

Keeps a constant watch to detect suspicious behaviors and threats across your network. Uses Cisco Rapid Threat Containment to quickly stop them.

Use Medical NAC to…

Improve patient safety

Automate many expertise- and labor-intensive functions while protecting clinical devices used for patient well-being.

Control regulatory postures

Maintain consistency and compliance for ePHI, HIPAA, PCI, HITECH, ISO 80001, and other regulations on a converged network.

Offer more services

Easily add technologies such as those for bedside care while giving access to personal, IT-issued, and clinical devices.

What’s inside Medical NAC

Cisco Identity Services Engine

Gain market-leading visibility and access control technology for wired and wireless networks.

Cisco Medical NAC device library

More than 250 profiles help you fingerprint market-leading medical devices as they access the network.

Cisco TrustSec software-defined segmentation

This software-driven technology enables easy networkwide segmentation by policy.

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

This security agent for mobile devices includes security posture checking and VPN as well as a single-client hub for Cisco AMP and Cisco Umbrella.

Cisco Stealthwatch behavioral analysis

Flow-based network visibility and security analytics let you know that policy is enforced and help you see and quickly contain misbehaving devices.

Cisco Security Technology Alliance partners

Integration, information sharing, and the ability to invoke rapid threat containment improve visibility and reduce risk.

Getting started with Medical NAC

Start with device fingerprinting

Implement ISE in a passive mode using the Medical NAC device profile library to see what is on the network. Create new device profiles as needed.

Study device behaviors

Create a baseline of normal patterns. Determine what devices need to communicate to internal and remote devices, applications, and medical records.

Secure medical devices

Use the network to protect medical devices by creating segments that give appropriate levels of access to functional peers and devices.


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