Security Advisory Services

Grow Your Business Securely

Develop new strategies to protect your business with Security Advisory Services. (3:45 min)

Grow Your Business Securely

Security Strategies that Match the Pace of Your Business

To secure the connections among people, processes, data, and things, security needs to be as pervasive as the Internet of Everything (IoE).

Cisco Security Advisory Services’ strategic and technical advisors help you identify opportunities to:

  • Align security to business imperatives
  • Create competitive advantage
  • Capture business value from emerging technologies

We start by listening to your challenges and goals. Then we collaborate with you to develop proven governance frameworks and strategies for:

Bridge the Gap Between IT and the Boardroom

Through our partnership, you can uncover new ways to think about securing your business as you take advantage of an array of emerging business models. Whether mobile, cloud, IoE, or the next wave of innovation, we can help you more securely increase adoption.

World Class Expertise

Members of the Cisco Advisory team have served as trusted business advisors, cyber security leaders, and technical experts in a wide range of roles. Together we use our vast experience in cyber security, risk management, and technical innovation to help our clients across every industry advance their business objectives.

Mature Methodologies

Cisco projects are well-structured and managed, yet can be highly customized. Our proven service methodologies and technical frameworks provide the foundation to promote alignment with industry standards and your specific business objectives. Our workflow platform, Advisory Accelerator, can enable methodological rigor, facilitate efficient report generation, and support consultant collaboration.

Advanced Research

The Cisco Advisory team has conducted a large number of IoE device assessments and this continues to be a core focus of our research agenda. Whether medical devices, consumer technologies, or other IoE applications, our access to threat intelligence combined with leading research allows us to help secure your transformation initiatives.

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