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The Cisco IoT/OT Security Lab is a team of senior researchers working together with experts from Cisco Talos. We provide threat advisories and technical analysis on the latest IoT/OT security events to help you protect your industrial and critical infrastructures from ever evolving cyber threats.

Securing industrial networks: What is ISA/IEC 62443?

Securing industrial operations is top of mind. But converting good intentions to action can be challenging! Fortunately, the ISA/IEC 62443 standards provide a framework to move ahead. But what is it exactly?

Latest analysis from the Cisco IoT Security Lab

What is OPC-UA—and how does it manage security?

OPC was released in an era when security was not a concern for OT systems. OPC-UA adds security for modern industrial environments.

How Does Triton Attack Triconex Safety Systems?

In this technical report, Cisco's IoT Security Lab describes one of the most famous attacks on Triconex industrial systems. Learn how your industrial operations could be exposed.

Mitigating new Industroyer2 and Incontroller malware

Learn how these new malware can give attackers full access to industrial control systems (ICS) and how to protect your operation.

Recent IoT/OT security reports and threat intelligence

Talos threats updates

Get weekly threat intelligence from Cisco Talos, one of the world’s largest security research team.

The edge of IoT/OT security

See how you can leverage the edge of your industrial network to secure your operations at scale.

Anomaly detection in IEC 61850

Power utilities are deploying IEC 61850 control networks. What new threats does it introduce and how do you detect them?

Threat of the month

Get fresh threat intelligence monthly. Our expert picks a threat you need to know about and distills it into an easy-to-read blog.

Consider these IoT Security solutions

Cisco Cyber Vision

Detect abnormal behaviors and threats to your industrial operations. Cyber Vision gives you full visibility on IoT/OT assets, processes and communications so you can take action.

Cisco Secure Firewall ISA3000

Protect your industrial operations. ISA3000 lets you enforce zone segmentation and stop network threats in a ruggedized form factor ideally suited for harsh industrial environnement.

Cisco SecureX threat response

Investigate and respond to threats. SecureX threat response aggregates and correlates threat intelligence sources and data from multiple security technologies into a single view. 

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