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Cisco Threat Response

Security that works together

Don't clone your security team--get Cisco Threat Response instead. Threat Response automates integrations across select Cisco Security products and accelerates key security operations functions: detection, investigation, and remediation. It is a key pillar of our integrated security architecture.

Get more value from your Cisco Security investment when the products work together to save you time and manual effort--especially when you are under attack and time matters most.

New Cybersecurity Report: Threat hunting 101

Now a necessity: Our latest report changes the narrative around the importance of threat hunting.

Benefits of Cisco Threat Response

Unleash the full power of our integrated security architecture with Cisco Threat Response.

Out-of-box integrations

Get more from your Cisco Security investments when they are already working together.

Designed for your SOC

Reduce the burden on your other security products and make them work better.

Save time and effort

Speed cyber investigations significantly and take corrective action immediately.

No additional cost

Get it today with integrated Cisco Security product licenses.

Featured videos

Watch an interview and demonstration of how Firepower events are now integrated into Cisco Threat response.

Cisco Endpoint Security can help you go from exposed to empowered in seconds.


Integration of email threat detection, investigation, and remediation in minutes.

Watch Cisco Threat Response defeat threats with just a few clicks, directly from your browser.

Key features

Aggregated threat intelligence

Cisco Threat Response integrates threat intelligence from Cisco Talos and third-party sources to automatically research indicators of compromise (IOCs) and confirm threats quickly.

Automated enrichment

Cisco Threat Response adds context from integrated Cisco Security products automatically so you know instantly which of your systems was targeted and how.

Intuitive, interactive visualizations

Cisco Threat Response shows your results on intuitive, configurable graphs for better situational awareness and quick conclusions.

Incident tracking

Cisco Threat Response provides the capability you need to collect and store key investigation information, and to manage and document your progress and findings.

Seamless drill-down

Cisco Threat Response makes it easy to continue deeper investigations into integrated Cisco Security products. Want to see exactly where that malicious file went? One click and you are inside Cisco AMP for Endpoints with everything you need to know about its trajectory.

Direct remediation

Cisco Threat Response lets you take corrective action directly from its interface. Block suspicious files, domains, and more--without having to log in to another product first.

Try now

Existing customer login

If you own AMP for Endpoints, Cisco Umbrella, Email Security, or Threat Grid, you can use Threat Response for free. Log in or create your account now.

New customer trial

Don't own a Cisco Security product? Request a free trial of AMP for Endpoints, Umbrella, Email Security, or Threat Grid, and you will automatically get to try Threat Response.

Start investigating

Log in, configure modules for the products you own, and start investigating. Want to search for the latest threats? Just paste indicators of compromise (IOCs) from the Cisco Talos weekly threat roundup into Threat Response.

Resources, demos, and webinars

In the SOC

Do you need more experts like Kareem in your security operations center too? You bet. But in case you can’t find them...


Let us surprise you with what Cisco Threat Response can do. Here are two must-see videos to explain what it's all about and why you need it.

ThreatWise TV

How about an engaging interview and demonstration of Cisco Threat Response led by our very own Jason Wright?

Upcoming webinars

Learn how to quickly stop threats by integrating your Cisco security products using Cisco Threat Response. Join us for an in-depth look in one of our monthly webinars.

What the experts are saying

The best things in threat hunting are free

Threat Response, one of the most valuable tools available in threat hunting, is free.

Email security integration

Read our blog to learn how Threat Response integrates with Cisco Email Security for faster detection.

Open source integrations

Check out the Threat Response open-source integrations you can use to improve your security posture today.

Key integrations

Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Want to know which systems were affected by that malicious file? Integrate AMP for Endpoints with Threat Response and you'll spot them right away... and then be able to secure them.

Cisco Umbrella

Need to know which devices connected to that malicious domain? Integrate Umbrella with Threat Response and you'll see that too... and be able to block those domains.

Cisco Firepower

Wonder which alerts are the most critical to investigate? Integrate Firepower NGFW/NGIPS with Threat Response and you’ll get those high-fidelity events.

Cisco Email Security

Want to find out who sent that malicious email attachment? Integrate Email Security with Threat Response and you’ll find out everyone who sent it and so much more.

Cisco Threat Grid

Curious if anyone else has seen that file and knows why it is suspicious? Integrate Threat Grid with Threat Response and get detailed intelligence about malware, associated paths, and more.

Third-party integrations

Does Threat Response work with anything else? Integrate other security products and threat intelligence feeds with Threat Response through its robust APIs. It’s not always about Cisco.

Why Cisco Threat Response?

Time is one of the scarcest resources for most organizations. Manual processes and disjointed threat response solutions result in slow and inefficient incident response times that allow threats to proliferate and grow more sophisticated. Cisco Threat Response leverages an integrated security architecture that automates integrations across select Cisco Security products to simplify threat investigations and responses.

With Threat Response, you can simply paste these observables into Cisco Threat Response's "Investigate" user interface and it does the work for you. It brings all that knowledge from intel sources and security products and displays the results in seconds. It empowers your SOC teams, with a single console for direct remediation, access to threat intelligence, and tools like casebook and incident manager. It overcomes many challenges by making threat investigations faster, simpler, and highly effective.


Incident Response Services

An effective security operations center is not just about great technology. It’s about how your people, processes, and technology work together to identify threats and swiftly take corrective action. Let Cisco Incident Response Services help you prepare for, manage, and recover from network attacks and data breaches.