Cisco Connected Mass Transit

What makes us unique

Connected Mass Transit provides an end-to-end, highly secure network, from vehicles to transit stops to maintenance yards. We've tested and validated each aspect of the solution with our Cisco Validated Designs to reduce deployment risk. Our partner ecosystem helps deliver a comprehensive solution that meets your needs.

Connected mass transit solutions

Upgrade your existing network one area at a time or all at once through a single, end-to-end converged network.

Understand how buses, light-rail cars, and other metro vehicles can improve fuel efficiency, reduce electricity costs, and curb CO2 emissions.

Transit stops

Get arrival information screens, wireless access for passengers, improved security, location-based asset tracking, and new revenue sources like digital advertising.

Maintenance yards

Prevent major service failures through predictive diagnostics. Enable remote collaboration for fixing maintenance issues. Deter vandalism in your yards and terminals.

Modern architecture

See the business use cases in an architectural format from Cisco's Connected Mass Transit solution.

Product-focused architecture

Architecture highlighting the specific products that comprise Cisco's Connected Mass Transit solution.

Case studies

San Diego implements real-time diagnostics

"We now have real-time diagnostics on our trains so that our maintenance department can see how our trains are operating. If we're starting to see issues with thresholds, we can stop a train and do a replacement on it before we experience a major failure."

– Paul Joblonski, CEO, San Diego MTS

Linz AG reduces electricity costs by 10%

"We decided to build on our existing Cisco network and channel its agility and simplicity to incorporate new security, mobile, and analytics technologies that help us achieve our goals and gain greater business insight."

– Georg Linhard, Project Manager, Linz AG Telekom

"The main problem was transferring a lot of information [from the train] to the data center. [With Cisco] together with Fluidmesh...that issue doesn't exist anymore."

– Alexei Perevyazkin, Director Operations Sales, Cisco Systems

"We have 52 city departments that we can share data with—everything from public health to the police department—and we can really become a smart city about how we provide different services to our communities."

– Lisa Walton, CTO, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Critical elements of success

End-to-end architecture

See how Cisco products help connect roadways, intersections, infrastructure, and vehicles.

Cisco Validated Designs

Explore how we test our products in real-world scenarios to minimize your deployment risk.


Think beyond the network perimeter and move faster to prepare for cybersecurity challenges.

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