Cisco Connected Mass Transit

Greater Safety, Mobility, Efficiency

Enhance the passenger experience while increasing ridership and reducing costs. (4:34 min)

Transforming the Transit Experience

Cisco Connected Mass Transit capitalizes on the power of digital solutions by connecting people, processes, data, and things to create a converged network infrastructure that is transforming transit systems worldwide.

What if you could securely and reliably connect your entire mass transit ecosystem (vehicles, stations, stops, maintenance yards, operations centers, workers, and passengers) to deliver a safe, efficient, and enjoyable mass transit experience? What if you could increase ridership and create greater loyalty among your existing customers? What if you could reduce both capital expenditures and operational expenditures? It's no longer just a vision but a real possibility. Today.

IP video cameras can monitor and report activity in stations and bus stops, onboard buses, trains, trams, and trolleys, and in your maintenance yards. Connected Mass Transit vehicles can communicate with each other and the surrounding infrastructure. Central operation centers can have greater visibility and data-sharing capabilities across your entire operation. Real-time monitoring, location-based services, and fleet management can provide greater efficiency and better asset management with reduced costs.

And, it all comes down to providing greater safety, mobility, and efficiency.

Digital Solutions For Cisco Connected Mass Transit

Cisco Connected Mass Transit Resources

Cisco IoT System Products for Mass Transit

Many of the products in the Cisco Connected Mass Transit solution belong to the Cisco IoT System portfolio, a comprehensive set of products and technologies based on a systems approach that helps to enable stronger security, reduced integration costs, and accelerated innovation.

Network Connectivity for Mass Transit

Connected Safety and Security for Mass Transit

Other Cisco Connected Mass Transit Components

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A Better Passenger Experience

Discover how Cisco Connected Mass Transit can help improve safety, mobility and operational efficiency.

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