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Case Study: San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

San Diego brings data insight to public transportation

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) provides transport to a large resident population each day, as well as hosting visitors and large events. The MTS worked with Cisco, Davra Networks, and Intel to provide real-time ETA arrival updates to passengers, predictive maintenance onboard vehicles, and telemetry data that can improve vehicle efficiency.



  • Managing miles of transport routes throughout metro area
  • Ensuring the safety and security of its riders
  • Delivering optimum customer service via passenger ETA updates



  • Real-time estimated time of arrival system that helps keep riders informed of schedule changes and arrivals
  • Near-real-time diagnostic information to replace faulty equipment before failure
  • Increased uptime of all its vehicles, real-time passenger count, and improved customer experience

What they’re saying

We now have real-time diagnostics on our trains so that our maintenance department can see how our trains are operating and if we’re starting to see issues with thresholds, we can stop a train and do a replacement on it before we experience a major failure.

Paul Joblonski, CEO, San Diego MTS

Who is San Diego Metropolitan Transit System?

Industry: Transportation
Location: San Diego, California
Annual usage: 92 million trips

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