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Cisco Kinetic for Cities Environment

Develop urban resilience

Cities face the challenge of protecting residents and infrastructure from fires, pollution, flooding, and earthquakes. While cities cannot prevent all incidents, they can manage and respond to them in ways that mitigate the effects. Manage your smart city's environmental risks with a platform that facilitates both detection and collaboration.

Our Environment solution gives you...

Hyperlocalized monitoring

View real-time, hyperlocalized environmental conditions such as air quality, and get automated fire detection and water levels.

Faster response

Improve response time to incidents and disasters with alerts and the collaboration toolset. 

Simplified operations

Reduce operations complexity by managing all infrastructure assets through a single platform. 

Predictive modeling

Respond to incidents efficiently by using situational predictive modeling and space monitoring.

What you get with Environment

A single platform

Get full visibility of all environmental equipment in one dashboard. Aggregate data from multiple vendors for a unified view.

Diverse detection

Listen to your city with sensors that measure environmental conditions such as toxic gas, fire, flooding, and noise levels. 

Predictive analytics

Take early action with forecasting tools for simulations and real-time predictions.

Cross-agency collaboration

All stakeholders can drive real-time action, with work flows and data flowing through a single platform.

New financing for cities

Our $1 billion initiative makes it easier for you to adopt smart city technology.

DevNet for smart cities

Create new solutions, APIs, and reference apps for smart cities and communities.