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The Top WAN Optimization Solutions

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The Top WAN Optimization Solutions

Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) delivers an uncompromised user experience over any connection. Now, you can ensure a high quality user experience at your branch offices, while gaining operational simplicity with lower costs.

As the volume of content and applications traveling across networks grows exponentially, organizations must optimize their WAN investments. Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) helps you do just that.

Now, IT can use investments in Cisco ISR 4000 Series and ASR 1000 Series Routers with Application Experience (AX) to scale to the growing demands of branch-office users by providing an optimal experience over any connection at lower cost. And you can do this without compromising performance, reliability, or security.

IWAN allows you to

  • Augment your network with lower-cost connectivity options, like the Internet
  • Realize the cost benefits of provider flexibility and higher WAN utilization
  • Offload the corporate WAN with application optimization, intelligent caching, and highly secure direct Internet access.

With IWAN, you can quickly roll out bandwidth-intensive applications, such as video, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and guest Wi-Fi services. And it doesn’t matter which transport model you prefer, whether Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), the Internet, cellular, or a hybrid WAN access model. The savings from IWAN often pay for the branch infrastructure investments, and may also free up resources for new, innovative business services.

The four components of Cisco Intelligent WAN are:


  • Provider flexibility; Scalable and modular design; Consistent operational model
  • Technology: DMVPN/IPsec overlay design

Intelligent Path Control

  • Application policy-based path selection based on delay, loss, jitter, and path preference; Load balancing for full utilization of all bandwidth; Improved network availability
  • Technology: Performance routing (PfR) overlay design

Application Optimization

Highly Secure Connectivity

Get more from your WAN investment with Cisco Intelligent WAN.

With Cisco IWAN, you can:

Optimize your WAN use to increase ROI, as IWAN helps IT fully use their WAN investments, and avoid oversubscription of lines. The growth of new cloud traffic, guest services, and video can be easily load balanced across multiple WAN lines.

Support provider flexibility to lower costs and speed up service delivery time, by moving to less expensive transport options without compromising performance, reliability, and security.

Secure all your branch endpoints, as IWAN can efficiently offload traffic onto the Internet while transparently scaling security.

Deliver an application-aware network for optimal performance, since IWAN gives IT full visibility and control at the application level (Layer 7), to tune the network for business-critical services, and quickly resolve network issues.

Apply advanced compression for minimal WAN load, to reduce WAN bandwidth requirements and help applications perform better with the smallest load possible.

Simplify branch operations, as IWAN delivers comprehensive services on a consolidated platform. It gives IT a scalable approach to remotely manage WAN traffic growth from trends like cloud, mobility, and video on a smaller branch footprint.

Cisco ISR-AX provides a powerful branch services platform to meet the bandwidth demands of cloud, mobility, and video. The solution includes advanced routing, security, and application services that delivers an optimal user experience, regardless of where the application resides.

Users benefit from greater productivity, while the business simplifies operations and lower costs. Cisco ISR-AX is priced for wide-scale adoption, offered at 20 -35 percent less than standalone WAN optimization appliances.

Cisco ISR-AX is available on Cisco 4451-X, 3900, 2900, and 1900 Series Integrated Services Routers and includes:

Cisco ASR1000-AX offers an application services platform optimized for highly secure WAN aggregation, Internet edge, data center, and campus. The solution includes application visibility, control, optimization, and security features, to help IT successfully deploy a high-quality application experience, anywhere, for greater productivity at a lowest cost.

The Cisco ASR1000-AX is available on the ASR 1000 Series and includes:

LiveAction software provides comprehensive visualization and management of IWAN deployments. By integrating network flows into the network topology diagram in an intuitive "See – Point – Click / Fix" model, LiveAction lets network administrators see application traffic paths, volumes, and key performance metrics. LiveAction offers:

  • IWAN path control visualization and reporting (using Performance Routing (PfR))
  • AVC visualization, reporting, and configuration
  • QoS monitoring and policy configuration, including AVC's application-aware QoS
  • Real-time network health and status

LiveAction licenses are resold via the Cisco Solutions Plus program. Software support, including right to new versions, is provided directly from LiveAction.

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