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Cisco WebEx Cloud

Meet User Needs Through the Cisco WebEx Cloud

The Cisco WebEx Cloud allows organizations to give users what they need to collaborate; when, where, and how they need it.

Unburdened by the physical limitations of on-premises solutions, the WebEx Cloud is a highly available and secure service-delivery platform with unmatched:

  • Performance
  • Integration flexibility
  • Enterprise-grade security

Taking advantage of applications delivered through the WebEx Cloud helps you shift the balance from capital expenses toward operational expenses. Purchasing, implementing, maintaining, and updating on-premises hardware and software are not trivial IT tasks. The WebEx Cloud offers ease of deployment and application delivery. Because applications are provisioned through clouds, users automatically have access to the latest versions.

The platform uses highly secure data centers located strategically near major Internet access points worldwide, routing data, audio, and video on dedicated, high-bandwidth fiber, essentially eliminating lag time and interruptions. Using secure connections reduces the scattering of packets and simplifies reassembly. Advantages of the WebEx Cloud collaboration include:

  • Availability: Meets on-demand collaboration, easily accommodating usage peaks.
  • Scalability: Expands with your business growth and supports thousands of concurrent users 24 hours a day.
  • Reliability: Uses Cisco data centers that mirror all sites, sessions, and connection information, enabling immediate data restoration after a broken connection.

The WebEx Cloud is not a new service, but one for which Cisco continues to enhance and expand product offerings – both those hosted by Cisco and those sold by our partners. Recent enhancements include:

  • Cisco WebEx Meetings: The second-largest public cloud for business applications for collaboration, hosting 1.8 billion meeting minutes each month and 6.4 million registered users, WebEx has until now been optimized around for real-time communications through its web conferencing service. Cisco WebEx Meetings redefine the meeting experience by integrating persistent meeting spaces with file-sharing to enable cross-company collaboration capabilities that allow participants to manage the complete meeting lifecycle.

Learn more about the applications that run on the Cisco WebEx Cloud :

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