Cloud and Hybrid Collaboration Solutions

Use Spark Hybrid Services to Connect Clouds and the Premises

Cisco offers both on-premises and cloud-based collaboration solutions. Our hybrid services combine cloud-based software as a service with premise-based software and with Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) services, and use each for what they do best. This combination delivers unique and innovative experiences for partners and service providers to help users be more productive and allow businesses to use the cloud and the premises in ways that make sense for the business.

Our hybrid services take full advantage of the Cisco Collaboration Cloud, which is built on:

  • Continuous delivery of new and innovative user experiences
  • Industry-leading security and encryption
  • Bringing together existing premises solutions with partner-hosted and Cisco cloud-based collaboration services
  • Empowerment of partners and administrators to manage and improve the user experience

Cisco Spark Hybrid Services

Cisco Spark Hybrid Services allow customers and service provider partners to connect on-premises or HCS capabilities with Cisco Spark capabilities in the Collaboration Cloud. You can use what you have today for what it's good at, then add SaaS services that combine with your current setup to do something new. This allows you to build upon what you already have to create entirely new experiences with the addition of a cloud.

Services available today include Call Service, Calendar Service, and Directory Service (with additional ones planned in future releases).

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Cisco offers a broad range of cloud-based collaboration services to meet customer and partner needs. We deliver these services directly from the Cisco Collaboration Cloud, through certified partner solutions (Hosted Collaboration Solution), and by enabling customers and service providers to host their own services from customers' private clouds.

Enterprise Private Cloud Through Virtualized Cisco Collaboration

Cisco Spark Service and Hybrid Services, from the Cisco Collaboration Cloud

Cisco has extended the app-centric, mobile-first thinking that first created the Cisco Spark app to now offer a simple, highly secure, and complete business collaboration service.

The complete Cisco Spark service is initially available in the United States only (globally rolling out over time). Spark delivers message, meeting, and calling capabilities that are hosted in the Cisco Collaboration Cloud and delivered by Cisco certified partners.

Existing Cisco Unified Communications customers can use Spark Hybrid Services to simply add Spark messaging and meeting capabilities to their existing calling capabilities (e.g. Unified Communications Manager, Hosted Collaboration Solution, or Business Edition services). Spark Hybrid Services are available anywhere that the Spark app is available today.

In addition, through open and easy-to-use APIs from the broad ecosystem of Cisco partners and developer communities, it is simple to integrate industry-leading solutions and services into existing workflows and business processes.

The Cisco Spark service doesn't include PSTN services. Customers need to purchase PSTN services from a 3rd party provider. For the complete Spark service, Cisco preferred media provider ecosystem partners can provide PSTN local, long-distance, and direct-inward-dial services.

Existing Cisco Unified Communications customers will use Spark Hybrid Services to connect on-premises call capabilities to Cisco Spark capabilities in the cloud.

Other Cloud-Based Services, from the Cisco Collaboration Cloud

Cisco Powered Cloud Services, Delivered from Certified Cisco Partners

Cisco partners can host Cisco Unified Communication and collaboration products and services within their own environments. They can also bundle their own services and solutions, and market those solutions. The Cisco Powered logo identifies these services from our partners.

Available services from the Cisco Powered cloud service based on Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) include:

  • Unified Communications as a Service based on HCS
  • Contact Center as a Service based on HCS
  • Video and Cisco TelePresence as a Service

Carrier-Class Cloud Services

Grow your business with Carrier-Class Cloud Services. Cloud services are shaping the ways we work and live. They are a new model for delivering and consuming services – content, computing, storage, networking and applications. Delivered on demand at scale, cloud services help you:

  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Innovate more
  • Deliver faster

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