Storage Networking

Business Continuance/Disaster Recovery

Protecting Customer Data When Disaster Strikes

Business continuance describes the processes, procedures, and technology solutions needed to help ensure essential business functions continue after a disruption. A business continuance plan consists of risk analysis, contingency plan, and a disaster recovery plan that address the recovery and data protection needs of business-critical applications.

An effective business continuance strategy must consider three important questions:

  • How valuable is the data to the enterprise?
  • What will it cost the enterprise if the data is not available?
  • How much does the enterprise want to reduce the risk of data loss?

SAN-Based Solutions for Business Continuance

Cisco SAN-based solutions are designed to help you build an effective business continuance strategy. They provide:

  • Continuous access to applications and data within a data center , through highly available SANs such as the Cisco MDS 9000 Family
  • Continuous service during disruptions, through a distributed data center extension over an optical connection (Cisco ONS 15400 Series) and Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP)
  • Continuous data replication (CDR) and continuous remote replication (CRR), using the SANTap protocol and EMC RecoverPoint
  • Consistent protection of distributed data, through consolidated backup to tape or near-line disk and remote electronic vaulting
  • Acceleration of Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF), Truecopy, and RecoverPoint, using Cisco MDS 9000 I/O Accelerator