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Cisco DNA Software Subscriptions

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) software subscriptions are available for switching, wireless, and SD-WAN and routing. Choose from different tiers, based on your use cases and business needs. Make your vision of an intelligent network real.

Features and benefits

As technologies and requirements change, Cisco DNA subscriptions can help you and your IT team keep pace with your network's expanding demands. You can purchase all Cisco DNA software subscriptions through a Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA) or individually. And you can manage them simply, with Cisco Smart Licensing.

Access to innovation

More-frequent feature releases power your journey to an intelligent, intent-based network.

Evergreen security

Subscriptions help protect your network from the latest, most sophisticated security threats.

Licensing made smart

Activate easily, unify license management, and make your licensing flexible.

Linear, predictable spending

Subscriptions are a welcome replacement for hard-to-predict cost fluctuations.

Cisco DNA software subscriptions for each network device

Unlock policy-based automation, secure connectivity, end-to-end visibility, analytics, and assurance in your network. You can license all software through a Cisco Enterprise Agreement or per transaction. And you can manage it easily with Cisco Smart Licensing.

Cisco DNA for Wireless - Subscription

Deliver exceptional wireless performance for high-density environments. Get end-to-end visibility and remediation guidance.

Cisco DNA for SD-WAN and Routing - Subscription

Simplify your SD-WAN and routing architecture. Make it easier to deploy, manage, and operate.

Cisco DNA for Switching - Subscription

Segment your network for security, compliance, and complex processes. Centralize policy management.

Make our networking portfolio work for you

Cisco networking solutions can help you to quickly adapt to change and to simplify and scale operations. Access the depth and breadth of Cisco's networking portfolio through one unified license agreement.

Drive results with a more secure, resilient network

Deploy faster with a strategic plan, migration strategy, and roadmap. Drive operational excellence with services to help improve security and visibility.

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