A screenshot of the Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard screen

Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard

Accelerate industrial digitization

Enable cloud-delivered operational technology (OT) services on your industrial networks to drive simplicity and scale.

Cloud-delivered OT services reduce complexity in industrial environments

Eliminate point hardware solutions and easily deploy new features into your industrial network.

Connect at scale

Deploy and configure industrial devices at scale with plug-and-play deployment and intuitive configuration tools.

Extract data

Gain insights from industrial asset data with Edge Intelligence, and use industrial sensors to improve preventative maintenance.

Reduce cyber risk

Identify connected assets, view vulnerabilities, and understand your security posture with Cyber Vision.

Secure remote access

Configure and control access to industrial assets for internal and external users with Secure Equipment Access.

A cloud platform of OT services

Maintain, secure, and gain insights from your industrial assets with a modular cloud dashboard.

Worker using IoT Operations Dashboard to manage industrial IoT network and connected assets

Easily enable secure remote access for all your connected industrial assets

See a demonstration of network device deployment and Secure Equipment Access services for roadways and intersections.

Easily enable any of these services

Cisco Secure Equipment Access

Easily manage industrial assets remotely to minimize site visits and maximize uptime.

Cisco Cyber Vision

Maintain a detailed inventory of connected assets and understand your security posture with deep visibility into your network.

Cisco Edge Intelligence

Gain insights quickly and boost efficiency with simpler data flow from the edge to business applications.

Cisco industrial sensors

Improve predictive maintenance procedures using industrial sensor data from Cisco Industrial Asset Vision.

Cisco Industrial Wireless service

Increase scalability and reduce operational complexity with a single dashboard to configure your industrial wireless devices.

Cisco Industrial Router service

Configure and manage Cisco Industrial Routers to enable connectivity to industrial assets at scale.

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IoT Operations Dashboard overview

Learn how IoT Operations Dashboard helps you to reduce complexity in your industrial network with cloud-delivered OT services.

Quick-start guide

Learn how to get started with IoT Operations Dashboard.

Secure Equipment Access guide

Learn how to maintain remote connected industrial assets.

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