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Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Data

Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Dataview expanded image

Unified Management for Hadoop Infrastructure

Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Data provides a single-touch solution that automates Hadoop deployment on the Cisco UCS Common Platform Architecture (CPA) for Big Data infrastructure. It also provides a single management pane across both physical infrastructure and Hadoop software. All elements of the infrastructure are handled automatically with little user input.

Automate Hadoop Cluster Deployment

Learn how UCS Director Express for Big Data simplifies Hadoop cluster deployment. (5:23 min)

Features and Capabilities

With Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Data, the physical computing, storage, and networking infrastructure is integrated with the deployment of operating systems, Java packages, and Hadoop, along with the provisioning of Hadoop services. It is also integrated with major Hadoop distributions from Cloudera, MapR, and Hortonworks to help ensure consistent and repeatable cluster configuration.

Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Data provides the following benefits:

Simplicity and Agility

Because the solution extends the service profile into the Hadoop application space, you gain a reliable and consistent tool. It defines not only the infrastructure but also the Hadoop services running on the cluster. With this systemwide perspective, Hadoop admins can correlate Hadoop activity with network and computingactivity on the Hadoop nodes.

High Performance and Scalability

Built on top of the Cisco UCS CPA for Big Data, this product delivers a Hadoop cluster designed for high performance and massive scalability. The environment can scale up to 160 nodes in a single management domain and up to 10,000 nodes by interconnecting domains.

Extensible and Programmable Management Framework

You can use the open northbound representational state transfer (REST) API to customize the solution, build add-on services, or integrate it with third-party applications.

Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Data addresses myriad deployment and management challenges with single-touch automation for Hadoop clusters. Centralized management visibility across hardware and software drastically reduces complexity and improves response times, making Hadoop fast and easy to deploy and  manage.

For more information, refer to the following technical documentation: Release Notes, Compatibility Matrixes, Management Guides, and Baremetal Agent and VMware vSphere Installation Guides.

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